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Žáci odborného vzdělávání získávají zkušenosti v zahraničí
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project’s usefulness lies in the fact that our vocational school students and even their teachers lack enough foreign experience. We see the main area for improvement in strengthening their language competence, meeting foreign working methods, innovative approaches in their field and good practical examples, in gaining a cosmopolitan worldview, and finally in strengthening our school’s competitiveness in the region. Therefore, we would like to send abroad not only students but also teachers of foreign languages and vocational subjects. The principal aim of this project is to enable the selected participants to get experience in foreign companies. During this two year’s project, the applicant is going to send 30 students to the United Kingdom to experience a two week’s stay in the local companies. The participants will be able to: - gain foreign working practice - develop their vocational skills grounded in the school’s educational plan - evolve their language competences - understand cultural differences and get a cosmopolitan attitude to them - expand the so-called soft skills - strengthen their ability to solve current issues The applicant’s intention is to: - enhance the professional and personal development of the selected participants of the target group during their stay abroad - increase the school’s competitiveness in the region THE PROJECT’S MAIN OBJECTIVE is to provide the students with practical working experience abroad and in this way intensity the participants‘ professional and personal growth. Furthermore, we would like to increase their chances in the national and European labor market. (This objective is based on the goals of Erasmus+ for vocational education). SUB-GOALS: - meeting working processes and methods in the given country - becoming acquainted with examples of sensible practice, innovative approaches and new technologies - encountering the support of social inclusion in a foreign country - developing language sills - meeting different working, social and cultural habits - enriching cultural and social tolerance towards other nations, minorities and social groups - improving the acceptance of certificates and knowledge thanks to the Europass mobility document SPECIFIC GOALS for the infividual fields of study are stated in detail in section E: The Project’s Description. TARGET GROUP: Students of a vocational school aged 17 and older (in ther 3rd and 4th year of studies). These students are chosen because of their advanced competence in vocational subjects, languages, independence, and responsibility. The fields of study of these students comprise Business Academy, Information Technology, Pedagogical Lyceum, as well as Preschool and School Pedagogy. The students belong to the 4th group of the level EQF (two runs with 15 students each) in the following representation: - Business Academy – 12 students - Information Technology – 6 students - Pedagogical Lyceum and Preschool and School Pedagogy – 12 students The students are going to take part in two weeks‘ working practice in foreign companies where they can exercise activities leading to accomplishing competences based on the School Educational Plan for specific vocational subjects. All performed activities and gained competences for students of the individual fields of study are stated in Letter of Intent Annex. PROJECT’S OUTPUT: - participants‘ new knowledge, experience, and skills - participants‘ final reports (language: Czech) - completed questionnaires - a report about the first and the second run (language: English) - participants‘ power-point presentations presenting the process of their stay - a meeting of participants and the coordinator of the sending organization after the stay - a video documenting the involvement in the project and the process of the stay – intended for the school advertising Publicizing of the profect’s results is going to encompass: 1) INSTITUTIONAL LEVEL a) coordinators -information about the project in the school magazine, the school web, and in printed school leaflets b) participants (students) -introducing power-point presentations to their classes in order to inform other students about interesting experience gathered during their stay 2) REGIONAL LEVEL a) coordinators -an article about the project’s output in regional newspapers (Znojemské listy, Znojemský deník) b) a video presenting the programmme and proces of the stay on the occasion of parents‘ meetings and mock entrance tests for future students c) participants of the project informing nineth year’s pupils of elementary schools during an annual meeting „Presentation of secondary schools“, held in November d) photos documenting the stay posted on the school website and Facebook profile. The applicant expects that the students‘ participation in the project is going to strengthen not only their vocational and language com
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