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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The current proposal aims at results which the participants could not obtain within Greece. The trainees, 20+20 persons in total, of various ages, from lower or middle class have no experience of travelling abroad or of a foreign language. The maximum a trainee can obtain in their field within the country is either a two year IEK training program or a monthly to three months course. The goal is for the trainees to acquire knowledge, abilities and capacities through the project which are not offered in Greece. The attached program is clear and realistic. It contains and mentions in detail the hours, the places, the seminar titles, the labs, the persons who will participate to the project as well as the places of the technical visits. All the activities mentioned in the program are relative to the title so as to acquire the know how in the relevant fields as one can tell by their titles. The methodology suggested seems to be the most suitable as it is not possible to cover within 2 weeks all the capacities asked by the participants through lab work so they were combined with theoretical seminars, work practice and technical visits. In this way the students will have the opportunity to see in action how their specialty is run in a different country. The certification chosen (Europass Mobility) is recognized all through Europe and the holder of this certificate can apply for work in Greece or in any other country of Europe since it includes in detail all the activities taken place during the project in Greek and in English. The partners have specific roles which are thoroughly mentioned in the proposal. In brief the preparation and approval of the training program, the choice of the work/seminar places, the technical visits, the cultural activities, the monitoring of the training program and emergencies are to be covered by both partners. For the stay, the meals and the internal transport the hosting partner acts only as a consultant. The sending partner takes care of the above. IEK in cooperation with INEDIVIM will take care of the airtickets, the trainees' insurance, their transfer from and to the airport. Evaluation is effected by both partners. Certificates are attributed by the hosting partner who will also contribute to the issuance of the Europass mobility certificate. Both partners will fill in the part that concern them in the ECAS and the sending partner will provide all the invoices needed for each expense code as well as the final report. Whatever has to do with visas, new type passports for the foreigner participants or new type ID for the Greek participants will be undertaken by the sending partner. The project evaluation will be effected at the end of the first week in order to correct any weaknesses and at the end of the whole project in Italy by the HP before they leave Italy and one more time by the SP once they return to Greece. In all the above mentioned evaluations a questionnaire with open and close type questions covering the goals of the project but also minor things such as the hotel and nutrition will be distributed to the trainees. The questionnaires' results will be confirmed through discussion between the participants and the Director and they will be uploaded in the school's site along with a project resume in Greek and English. At the same time they will be posted to the HP and communicated at the school notice board. Evaluation will also be effected at the end of the workshops before the end of the project by the tutors so that the participants can check the knowledge they acquired. In the final ceremony organized by the IEK every year at the end of the academic year the results will be presented to all the trainees, the instructors and members of the supervising carrier of IEK and the municipality. The participants themselves will inform the audience about the project's experience. In cooperation with the graphic class they will prepare a poster where they will advertise the ceremony. Together with the specialty of Sketching the students will develop a leaflet of max 4 pages with photos and comments. Informally the evaluation will take place every day via the discussions between the escort and the students while they are there. The collaboration with the partner will help the school open up and other organizations will be able to know the work done at the IEK and in Greece. In brief the project will contribute to the increase of entrepreneurship since some of the trainees want to start their own business, the knowledge of a foreign language, the use of technologies so as to communicate with new acquaintances, the understanding of the Greek and European dimension, the increase of employability, the increase of know how in these fields, the cooperation with carriers and opportunities for employment in Europe as well as the improvement of the training methods through innovative and attractive methods in education (travelling and learning, long life learning).
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