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Zabezpečenie kvality vzdelávania v študijnom odbore 6317 M 74 obchodná akadémia - bilingválne štúdium (slovensko-anglické)
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: Nov 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project background: Business academy is a school with a long tradition. Except providing business education in Slovak language, from the school year 2015/2016 the school opened a new field of study - business academy - bilingual study (Slovak-English). That is why it is necessary to get enough applicants for this study program. Our school would like to provide the students high-class education with qualified teachers. This is not possible without taking part in this project. Except providing the legal minimum, that means teaching at least three vocational subjects in English, our teachers are ready and willing to teach also other vocational and general subjects in English language.Aims of the project: The main aim of this project is to ensure the quality of bilingual education at school. Our school wants to become a prestigious school within the Žilina region and keep its proficiency by having qualified teachers with enough skills, competences, new ideas and experiences to ensure the success of this field of study. Promotion, publicity and dissemination of the project achievements belong to the essential targets.Participants´profiles and their number: 11 teachers of both general and vocational subjects will take part in various courses enabling them to teach such subjects expertly. The selection of the courses has been done effectively and logigaly so as to set up the education in bilingual section with the greatest effort. The course "Teaching business English" is important mainly because of ensuring the way how to teach business English; the course "Collegiality across Clil" is necessary especially besause it is crucial to set up the cooperation among the English teachers and the teachers of theroretical and practical vocational subjects; the course "CLIL is necessary because we have to cover the education of other general subjects in English language; the cources "Teachers of English in vocational schools and Teachers in vocational schools" are important for teaching English for vocational purposes and finally the course "School development and quality evaluation " give the principalship the ability to participate actively on the project. Methodology: particular activities of the project are planned in a logical order, chronologically, in accordance with the realisation of the courses; beginning with the selection of the participants upon pre-set criteria. Intercultural preparation will be ensured by the coordinator with the cooperation with an English lecturer. Organisational preparation will be managed by the coordinator with thecooperation with the partners. Monitoring of the project is its crucial part.Activities: Taking part in mobilities would give the teachers a great opportunity to use new technologies for teaching English, make use of the software program Moodle, blended learning, create presentations, adopt business phrases, plan their lessons effectively, analyse and classify individual tasks, bring new study materials, exchange their experiences with other teachers. The project will help to set up the cooperation between the teachers of vocational subjects and general subjects in the bilingual section. The teachers as well as the principalship will have the opportunity to participate and observe relevant teaching lessons. The comparison between the Slovak and English educational systems could be a great challenge for all the teachers to bring new methods, imagination and creativity into the teaching process. For the the teachers of English language it is a way how to become effective English teachers with using new methods, techniques, presentations, new words and phrases and how to motivate students by using various interesting activities. For the teachers of vocational subjects it is a way how to learn to teach English for the vocational purposes. For the principalship this project could be an opportuninty to exchange experiences and develop relations with directors from other European countries, practice their communication skills, get a different view how to solve various problematic situations at school. Results, impact and advantages: Undoubtably this project will have an impact not only on the participants themselves but it will have an impact on all employees and students of the school. Taking into consideration that in the Žilina region there are a lot of foreign companies and institutions seeking for employess with language, communication and business skills, thanks to the project the school will have graduates ready for the labour market. The rate of unemployment will be lower. The implementation of this project will ensure our school success not only in the present days but especially in the future. The project will certainly have a positive effect not only on our school, but on other schools within the Žilina region. The advantages of the project will be shared by the foreign firms as well as by the cooperating partners.
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