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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of the present project is the innovation, modernization and improvement of teaching in the school Střední odborná škola podnikatelská s.r.o./SOŠPo/ in Most, enlargement of the European dimension of the school in several aspects and establishment of international contacts for future international projects. The school is located in the border area and in the region with one of the highest unemployment rates in the Czech Republic, so language skills of pupils of the school are essential for their future. The school makes a great effort to prepare its pupils to succeed in the labour market and to have the opportunity to find work in Europe, in order to meet these objectives is the quality of the teaching of foreign languages in the school vital.The school management, on the basis of motivational letters and interviews and taking into account the needs of the school and the objectives of the further development of the school, chose two participants of the mobility project - foreign language teachers who will participate in methodological or linguistically-methodological courses. The first participant returned to teaching after a three-year long maternity leave and the other is a retrained teacher. She is originally a history and German teacher and studied English as the third teaching specialisation at the university UJEP. Both participants need to upgrade their foreign language skills and improve their communication skills to talk more confidently. They need to learn more about modern teaching styles, strategies and methods, motivational strategies, techniques for effective lesson planning, strategies for organization of the class, using modern IT technologies. Important is for them to gain teaching and authentic material too. The participants of the mobility project will increase their awareness about EU Citizenship and the active responsible role of citizens in European society. They will confirm their acquired competences through Europass: Mobility, CV and Language Passport.The headmaster of the SOŠPo Ing.Stanislav Vrba will be a project manager and will take charge of the managerial and organisational activities concerning the project. The employee of the school Ing. Jana Goldbergerová will take care of financial issues and project accounting.The project manager will choose and book suitable courses for both of the participants. The criteria for the selection of the courses will be the project objectives, the needs of the school and the participants. By searching for suitable courses will be used the databases of the School Education Gateway and eTwinning. /The school has been involved in several eTwinning projects. Two of them were awarded the National eTwinning Prize. /Before the participants’ departure the project manager will organize a few preparatory meetings. In the preparatory meetings the participants of the mobility project will receive tasks for their course preparation and will report about their progress. Their tasks will be to study publications concerning the methodology of foreign language teaching, to create PowerPoint presentations, to participate in suitable webinars, seminars or conferences chosen by the project manager, to take language tests, to participate in the professional cultural training in the form of educational blocks and the training to health and safety abroad. The courses will take place in the host organizations and the participants will actively participate and contribute to the lessons and take part in excursions, lectures and other events organized by the school. They will take notes and gather teaching and authentic materials. During the courses, the participants of the mobility project will stay in touch with the project manager via Skype, Facebook or emails. The project manager will also have a constant feedback from the host organizations. After the end of the courses the project manager will receive detailed reports from the participants, containing reflections from the courses. Afterwards, there will be several project meetings. The dissemination of the results of the project will be carried out in the form of workshops prepared for the teachers of the SOŠPo and the teachers of the partner school - Střední průmyslová škola a Střední odborná škola gastronomie a služeb Most. When the courses will be finished, the project manager will write a report in close cooperation with the participants about the mobility in the regional press. Information about the project and its results will also appear in the website of the SOŠPo.The project manager will assess the results of the project and using new teaching methods, techniques and materials within inspections in the classes of the participants. The project has got a potential longer term benefits, because it will upgrade and improve the quality of language teaching in the school and it will mean the higher employability of pupils in the European labour market.
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