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Z Remusem odkrywamy Europe
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Elementary School in Glincz is a public institution , which educates 80 pupils at the age of 5-10. Glincz is a small village in Kaszuby region. The village is changing in terms of architecture, views , awareness of inhabitants. It all has a strong impact on the work of our institution. The project we are going to introduce is called “ The journeys of REMUS –the Kashubian voyager ”. ( REMUS is our school patron) . When going through our project ,the school society will benefit from the experience, knowledge, the skills we will acquire from the program Erasmus +. The school ,even though it’s small, took part in many local projects , which guarantees that we will come up to your expectations.We want to complete this project in order to make our school truly European. The plan is to improve the quality of functioning and to become a leader in Kashubian region . It will also attract new children and their parents. Achieving these long-term goals depends on the needs of the school. First of all school staff must improve their language skills. The only foreign language taught in school is English. In the future it is planned to extend educational offer by adding other languages like German or even Spanish. Two teachers want to improve their skills so that they could graduate from evening studies in foreign language and purchase necessary qualifications. At present there’s only one foreign language and one teacher. We would like this teacher to have support by other teachers’ experience and interests. They will influence on the process of learning the language in our school. It will be possible to implement the integrated methods of teaching . Now we feel there is the lack of using new methods. It’s important to hire other language teachers so that they can exchange the ideas . A better ability to use foreign languages make greater number of people involve in international projects. Moreover, it will be possible to find new partners to join new projects. The project will also force us to get acquainted with new tools . The school has never used the e-Twinning platform. Language skills is not the only thing we want to improve in functioning of the school. The increasing demands of students and their parents and the need of effective teaching make that there is a strong need of new methods and techniques of teaching. The school wants to go ahead and come up to parents expectations. The courses in Erasmus + we chose are prepared in such a way so that we can learn and improve our skills. They give knowledge, shape ideas and attitudes .As the result of a transparent process , we chose 4 teachers to participate in the project . The first participant is Ms. Wioleta Krause ,the teacher of preschool and early education . She will attend English language course organized by the Lake School of English in Oxford. Another participant is Ms. Grazyna Kurowska, who will participate in a German course in Austria. Mrs. Alexandra Ramza is the head teacher and another participant of the project. She will take a methodical course in London. The last participant will be Anna Pajewska, who chose the German language course in Berlin. The project management will be based on the plan prepared by the teachers ,head teacher and an accountant. Evaluation of the project will be done on every stage of its implementation. Firstly, the aim of evaluation is to control the current implementation of all planned activities. Secondly, the aim will be to determine the way of achieving results. The long-term benefits is to strengthen European awareness and practice European traditions , history and knowledge in our students. We want to take part in other international projects, which will give us the chance to meet people, make friends and improve the level of language education as well as other subjects.
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