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YW-Training of deaf youth workers on media and European citizenship
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Mar 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Deaf youth organisations in Europe, including EUDY and NDFU, noticed that national deaf youth organisations face issues and have real needs in accessing information to understand what is media and what is its power at European, national, regional and local levels. Those obstacles are met when the information is not accessible in their first language: sign language. However the EUDY is an unique ENGO providing fully accessible trainings for deaf young people in Europe in this language. After a successful training course organised in 2013 on media for deaf youth participants, the EUDY decided to reiterate this training, this time with the NDFU and for a specific public: the deaf youth workers involved in the national deaf youth member organisations. The main activity is a training of deaf youth workers responsible of media and external communication in their deaf youth organisations. The training takes place in the context of the increasing importance of media, of the democracy and freedom of speech debates and of the European citizenship and values that arise in the daily life of youth organisations. The scope of the training does not only address the learning of media technical skills but also the understanding of the European issues as well as the role the deaf youth workers can take through media and lobbying in their youth organisations. The objectives of the project are to promote the inclusion of deaf youth workers who face greater obstacles in their access to information; to increase their capacities in using media tools and in participating at the European, national, regional and/or local levels; to support their professional development in the acquisition of competences with a view to improve the quality of youth work in the deaf youth organisations as well as to fight against discrimination and to promote the fulfilment of the human rights of each deaf young person in the EU and in the EU neighbouring countries. The training will take place in the buildings and facilities of Ål Folkehøyskole og Kurssenter for døve located in Ål, Norway for a period of twenty (20) days, excluding two travel days. Twenty-five (25) deaf youth workers aged between 18 and 30 years old will participate in this training on behalf of their youth organisation. They will be selected by their national youth organisations based on their experience as deaf youth workers responsible for media issues. The training will allow the participants to improve their technical skills, but they will also gain a broader understanding of the media principles, the power of media, the differences between different forms of media, the right media production processes, and the role they can play in the media. They will acquire understanding in the history, the functioning of the European institutions as well as their instruments and European values. They should also be able to develop lobbying tools with the help of the media and be able to identify opportunities for their youth organisation. They will take into account their role in providing high quality alternative media in sign language to complement the accessibility gaps due to lack of sign language use in the mass media and to ensure that deaf young people become citizens in a multiplying effect. The methodology used during the training is based on the non-formal education methods. The participants will be provided tools by experienced trainers in the field of media and in European actions. Transition between the trainers regarding methods will be ensured by the NDFU and the EUDY and they will coordinate to guarantee that there is non-formal education methodology and tools provided to participants. They will have the opportunity to discuss with other participants through debates, self-reflective workshops, and identification/development of strategies based on good practice examples they experienced as youth workers. Participants will also be asked to work on practical assignments to use the tools and get the chance to develop their skills. Finally, time will be provided to the participants to develop some movie products themselves and to experience the research, creativity and production processes on their own. The expected impact on immediate participants and their youth organisations is that they gain professionalism in their external communication thanks to improved skills and competences in media and that they get more opportunities to promote European values and concepts at the local, regional and national levels. Thanks to the dissemination of videos produced by the participants, the expected impact on deaf youth in Europe is that they gain awareness about the European themes as well as awareness on the importance of media and external communication in any deaf youth organisation at the local, regional and national levels. Those organisations should also influence the policy makers on a better accessibility for deaf young people in mass media on the longer term.

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