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YW - PIC: Participation – Impact – Citizenship
Start date: Jan 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As youth workers, youth leaders who work in rural areas we experience a vast lack on information on mobility projects for young people. In small villages, settlements, islands, remote areas the possibilities don’t come so fast to the young people like in big cities or close to the capitals. Rural youth needs to be motivated and supported to participate in international youth events and encourage them to bring back their experiences and developed competences to local level in order to improve rural areas. One of our first tasks as rural youth workers, youth leaders are to develop and improve our youth work competences to make international youth work opportunities as Mobility projects for young people and youth workers according to the proposals of Erasmus + programme more visible and attractive for our target groups. Bring the information such a way for them that they can feel encouraged to participate, they can understand that participation is essential for them and for their local communities as well. Rural development can truly happen if young people participate in European level, experience being European citizen, feel to be active citizens then they can practice these in local level for the sake of their rural areas. Rural youth have to recognise that their opinion and thoughts are important to the decision makers in their rural communities, they can initiate a dialogue with youth policy makers, and they can establish youth councils to represent them, they can cooperate with youth organisations, and other civil society organisations which can support their ways of 'learning to participate' from an early age. As rural youth workers, youth leaders we would like to improve their youth work competences in order to achieve this participation level of our target groups in the sake of rural development. The overall aim of the training course was to develop understanding and awareness of youth workers, youth leaders for the impact of international youth projects to the local community in rural areas and the efficiency of the active participation of young people within international and local youth projects. To build a bridge between the gained skills and knowledge of young people in international level and for using these skills and knowledge in the sake of local community in rural areas. To develop skills and competencies of youth workers, youth leaders with active participation of young people for transferring international experiences actively into local projects as rural development. We applied for only one activity: ” PIC: Participation – Impact – Citizenship - Training course on rural development by active participation and European citizenship through local and international youth activities which was held between 21-28 May 2016 in Hornsjo, Norway. Our participants were rural youth workers, youth leaders who are directly working with rural youth by using non - formal educational methods in youth clubs, youth departments, schools, social and youth services. The training course built on non – formal educational approached. We used experiential learning then assessed the learning processes and learning outcomes of participants. Competence development had been focused by our programme flow based on the needs and expectations of our partners and participants. Our training course was learner centred. Methods we used in order to achieve the objectives and support the competence development of our participants: individual work, pair work, mixed small group work, case studies, presentations, brainstorming, small local actions, idea and project development, self – assessment, feedback, dialogue space, etc. Results and impact: 10 project ideas for youth exchanges, youth workers’ mobility projects and KA2 youth initiatives. Definitions on cultural, social, economical and political of citizenship. 4 Descriptions of small local actions.
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