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YW - One last chance
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project consists of one mobility for youth workers, namely a training course. The context of the project is based around recent, and still ongoing, events of new immigration routes into the European Union, especially of people from Muslim countries, which are seeing an increase in prejudice and fear among some people in Europe. With this fear and prejudice having already resulted in violent repercussions in various countries, we see a need to work to equip young people and youth workers with the kinds of values and attitudes we believe are pertinent to construct a new and improved multicultural Europe, as well as key skills and competences, as well as concrete exercises the participants can utilise in their local realities to contribute to more knowledgeable, understanding and equitable local communities, in facing this new Europe.The project will bring together a total of 26 people for 5 working days in Lisbon, Portugal. The participants are youth workers, trainers, educators, or volunteers involved in youth work coming from the countries of the 11 partner organisations. The participants are all committed to seeing the project through, and contributing actively to its success.The objectives of the project are:1. Improve youth workers’ skills with practical tools and experiential non-formal activities on conflict, conflict management, prejudice and migration issues;2. Improve youth work quality and enhance the role of youth workers and NGOs as social facilitators spreading European values and a culture of peace;3. Develop the competence of empathy as a skill linked to positive conflict management;4. Enhance the participants’ attitude in transforming conflict situations into learning opportunities;5. Share among youth workers and partners common concerns about issues of conflict, conflict management, migration and prejudice, exchange good practices and tools;6. Enhance international cooperation, including trust between participants and organisations;7. Promote heightened recognition of the educational value of NFE activities for building a more aware and understanding Europe.The training course treats conflict management as its main point. Significantly, we are basing the project around the concrete exercise “Mission Z”, which is an educational, interactive board game that provides the participants with an experience featuring a number of elements and layers that are part of a conflict situation. The game is described in more detail on We also use other methods of experiential simulation exercises during this project, as we seek to develop empathy and creative conflict management as the main skills and competences for the participants. Other concrete activities include “Typecast”, “In your shoes”, as well as some relevant storytelling based on the partner countries past of present experience with conflict of various nature.We envisage a number of learning points for the participants, and have structures in place for the project to ensure that these learning points are disseminated also to the organisations of the participants, as well as their youth groups. This will be aided, in part, by concrete action plans of follow-up activities we will develop together on the last day of the training. We also have in place media strategies, first of all for Portugal, being the place of implementation of the project activity. But also for the other countries we will have materials prepared for easy dissemination in local media, but mainly among the most directly relevant stakeholders of the topic material.We also keep in mind that the learning activity that this project is leaning heavily upon, “Mission Z”, has already featured in media outlets in several countries, as well as the SALTO Tool Fair. As we continue developing the method, and combining it with other exercises and set-ups - which we are doing in this very project - we foresee that the most active participants will promote the use and dissemination of the skills and competences developed and acquired during this project.For the medium- to long term we envisage that this project can be a contributor to “deep change”, meaning one that touches the hearts of the participants and their youth groups at home. We believe that youth work plays a crucial role in promoting positive values among the younger generations and that interactive and experiential methods, such as the ones we are utilising in this project, are key to spreading the kind of empathy we believe is a boon to our societies and co-living as people from different cultural backgrounds.
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