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Start date: 04 Jul 2016, End date: 03 Mar 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of the project, which is planned to last for one year, is to develop an alternative participatory process that could create a common design product which seeks each actor's benefit by creating a negotiation environment where all possible actors of the transformation processes are recognised.The project comprises of 4 phases which are: 'the preperation' phase in which the materials that will be used throughout the project are produced and the students that will support the project are selected; ' the events ' phase in which the activities within the scope of the project will be organized; ' the visibility events ' phase in which the operation and the outcomes of the project will be presented by the steering group and be discussed with the professionals and ' the report production ' phase in which the result are compiled and documented. While the preparation and the report production phases will be held by steering group, the events phase will be carried out under the leadership of steering group with the participation of the representatives of the institutions and organizations which act as decision makers in transformation processes and the local community which is directly affected by the transformation. (TOKI [ Mass Housing Administration ] , Çankaya Municipality, Ankara Development Agency, 100.Yıl Neighborhood Initiative, Çiğdemim Neighborhood Associationi, Mukhtar) The visibility events phase on the other hand aims to attendance of the professionals from relevant institutions and organizations in order them to indicate their ideas about project to get feedback from them about the project. The events within the scope of the project are mainly the introduction and the advertisement (announcement/declaration) of the project; The exploration and analysis of the work field; goal prioritization of the design to be made; the identification of the strategies that would enable achievement of the goals; the production and implementation of the game in line with the collected data from previous activities; the close-up meeting where the process and the outcomes of the project will be exhibited and discussed and the evaluation meeting. The conceptual framework of our project is created with V Process Model. V Process model is used for defining process starting from a broad perspective and focusing on more specific action steps gradually. Within this context, in order to gather information about the recent situation of 100.Yıl Neighbourhood and for increasing the awareness of participants, our project is starting with and photo walk event. Gathered information in that stage is going to create an input for goal setting event to settin up a design game in last stage and strategy identification event. Apart from that model, our project is also supported by non-formal education techniques like brainstorming, buzz sessions, simulation, role playing and the like. Platform, provided through the project, fulfills a duty as a bridge between young participants and decision makers, and make young participants to gain competence of being an individual in society, forming their idenity and developing the sense of belonging, identifying of their own needs and defending the rights for their needs. Apart from young participants, adults and actors who involve in the current process of urban transformation in the country are the ones who will take advantage of the project. The major effect that will be created, when collaborative and participatory urban transformation process is monitored, is going to be that young people and actors who are not entitled in present process will be able to see in most concrete way that how they can have important and active role in shaping the environment if the opportunity is given. Designed project and methods are intended to create those effects. In a long-term perspective, we are planning to provide the multiplying effect and sustainability of this effect, again through young people. Throughout the Project, young people are going to play an active role in every stage of project, in case of a repetition in other municipality boundaries is requested, skilled young people will transfer their knowledge and experience to new young participants of project. So that even if those who left the project, study is going to be carried out effectively.
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