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Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Apr 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The necessity of this project comes from the analysis of the structural difficulties that certain European regions and Member States have in what respects the employability rate of the youngsters. In the same time, because of the permanent need to adapt and innovate local, regional and national labour markets to the new needs of a global competitive economy taking fully advantage of the educational and training paths of young people. In this way the project tries to give a step towards achieving the emblematic initiative "Youth on The Move" under the Europe 2020 Strategy. The project will allow 40 youngsters from two different countries to meet and live for 10 days in São Miguel Island, Azores in Portugal in order to achieve measurable and tangible results and improve employability for youth. Those are: "Manual on Good Practices for Youth Employment"; the launch of a legislative proposal under an European Citizens Initiative on Youth Employment and finally the creation of a Network of NGOs dedicated to promote youth employment. During the project, participants will follow a work programme, which activities are in line with the methods used in informal and non-formal education, where in different occasions and situations youngsters will be invited to take part and to be the prosecutors of the setted objectives. We will offer participants a mixture of activities such as workshops, cultural and linguistic exercises, debates, simulations, role plays and outdoor activities. This mixture of activities will help participants to be more conscious about youth unemployment. They will know how to take action to improve their own situation, discover new cultures and nationalities and above all strengthen their values of solidarity, democracy and friendship which we think are vital for the European civil society. As it can be seen by the topic of the project, the needs we are seeking to address are of those of NEET (youth out of the labour or education/training contexts). We intend to satisfy these needs by supporting youngsters in the acquisition of competences in areas of entrepreneurship, new working techniques, to better take advantage of their learning paths, to improve their self esteem, capacity to adapt their training to the labour market needs. Through this we aim to improve their abilities in what respects the achievement of the job which suits each individual and ultimately their personal and professional development. At the same time, the activities that they will take part will be the target of certification and validation. The underlying objectives of this project are first of all to demonstrate that learning doesn’t resume itself to employability, but mainly to a better development of each youngsters personality. Their learning experiences will be improved by promoting the recognition of informal and non formal education, a better inclusion of young people in the job market and strengthening the conscience and understanding of other cultures, religions and nationalities. In order to achieve such ambitious results we intend to translate the personal experiences and opinions of participants into tools to be applied in the political scene at European level. In order to reach this, the objective of launching a legislative proposal will be achieved through workshops and role plays in what regards the European institutions: the participants will be divided in 6 different working themes: 1) Entrepreneurship; 2) Innovation and IT use; 3) Social Economy; 4) The future of EU Youth Policy; 5) Youth Guarantee: A better proposal; 6) Equal Opportunities. Each workshop will be called a Committee and each Committee has to present a Motion on one of those specific themes. They will be presented at the Plenary Session to be approved. This set of recommendations will serve as the basis or the legislative proposal to be done by youngsters, even after the project will end. They will go back to their home countries, promoting those recommendations in order to gain enough support to reach the status of an European Citizens Initiative. On the other side, at the end of these workshops or committees, by the recommendations and Opinions given, participants will know best practices of their own countries and also will use their innovation and creativity in order to fulfil the other objective: the "Manual of best practices on Youth Employment". The third objective will be reached through an agreement between the 2 national NGOs that will fight youth unemployment. The internal work will help youth to gain competences while working in an NGO, especially in what concerns the design and execution of international and European projects. This will give the opportunity for learning mobility inside the network and improvement of youths competences working at their own national NGOs.
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