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Youth work from different angles and European future
Start date: Feb 2, 2015, End date: Dec 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project YOUTH WORK FROM DIFFERENT ANGLES AND EUROPEAN FUTURE aims at broadening knowledge of youth workers from different countries; those who are old European Union members, those who are new members and those who are not members but they will become part of EU in close future by prediction of their leaders and EU representatives. Youth workers are all facing different situations in their everyday work because of different country?s policies, regulations etc. This project will offer unique possibility for youth workers to meet at one place, discuss their experience and situations; problems, they are facing with as youth workers and provide them with new knowledge and skills which will be helpful in their work in future. Youth workers from partner countries will get knowledge and information about possibilities for their work and changes that will happen and influence on youth work once the country becomes part of the European Union ? important topic for their work in the future. Main objectives of the project are: - Implement one training for 23 youth workers from 5 countries; - Share experience and methodologies of work between youth workers from different countries (both programme and partner countries); - Improve knowledge about topic of youth work, participation of youth in projects; - Sharing and learning common information about youth work policies and laws in the EU countries. Participants were youth workers coming from partner organizations partly and partly participants selected by organizations, all aged 19 - 35. Total number of participants, together with trainers is 23. Youth workers ? participants were selected based on next 2 key competences needed for participation on this project: 1. Experience of work - Youth workers with experience of minimum of 2 years of work were able to be part of the project and to be present on the training. 2. Importance of the training subject to participants everyday work - Only participants who are able to show that knowledge acquired from this project will be helpful and useful in their work got chance to apply for the participation. Project had one activity - 7 days training. Training was formed with aim to educate active youth workers from different countries participating in the project, offer them a chance for making cooperation and ideas sharing between themselves and provide them with useful methodologies, tools and knowledge concerning the EU, EU members, EU policies about youth work and youth led projects both in EU member states and non member states. Activity were implemented in Mostar, town on the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dates of the activity were 2.7 - 10.7.2015. Next countries involved in the activity, as partner organizations: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia and Slovakia. Training hadvarious methodologies used and their usage for different topics and workshops can be seen in timetable of activities - document attached with this application. Methodologies used for the training were next: Organized fun activities and socializing of participants, Presentation, Learning groups, Icebreakers and problem solving tasks, Sharing sessions and discussions, Theory and practical examples, Reflection groups and Methods chosen by participants. Project aims at having impact on participants and participating organisations in next: 1. Improving knowledge of youth workers 2. Improving in general , knowledge and skills of participating organisations and their staff in ways of working with youth; 3. Gaining knowledge about EU and fundraising activities possible within European Union and member states; 4. Gaining knowledge on policies about youth work both in partner and member countries of EU; 5. Improving quantity and quality of work with youth; 6. Increase of awareness in terms of importance of quality youth work and active work with youth. In order to reproduce results on higher scale, next activities will be carried out by coordinating organization and partner organizations during the period of next 3-5 years: 1. Increasing quantity and quality of work with youth, 2. Creation and/or implementation of new youth based projects both in local and national levels, 3. Creating programs and projects for education of youth about youth led projects, 4. Education of local youth workers in communities where the organizations are implementing their activities, 5. Creating programs of education for youth workers on country level, 6. Informal and/or formal education of youth workers, sharing common tools and methodologies of youth work. Above mentioned activities will be focused on working with youth and in some cases cooperating with authorities. Project have possibility to gain results in the topic of youth work in each country, sharing the importance of youth work and in general sharing and creating common tools and methodologies for youth work on the area of many EU member and non member states.
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