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Youth work for Disavantaged

The aim of project is to develop a joint MA programme between HUMAK University of Applied Sciences, University of Bedfordshire and Tallinn Pedagogical College in Youth work. The main idea of the curriculum development is to combine the traditional academic approach of research universities with the practical traditions of universities of applied sciences in order to produce a youth worker who is committed to translate internationally acclaimed research into enhancing practical youth work. The consortium is committed to embed the European citizenship and perspective into the curriculum and provide youth workers with M.A. degree who should be able to increase awareness of social justice and responsibility in the policymaking at local, national and international levels. The key to achieving these goals lies in the interdisciplinary collaboration of creating a MA degree that enables undergraduate students from various backgrounds to use their previous degrees to be used as a pathway to this youth work discipline. One of the goals of this degree is that it is going to be recognised profession in all the European Union countries. Regarding the contents of the proposed joint MA programme, the interest of the consortium is to focus on the following themes: school drop-outs, health studies, preventive work relating to alcohol and drug abuse, gender studies, minorities and multicultural issues, and migration. The above-mentioned themes are a fertile common ground – for both listing the strong points and common interests of the partner universities, thus enabling the exchange of expertise, and for development of a joint MA programme – which would bring the envisaged joint MA programme beyond the level which could be reached by national efforts only. The proposed joint MA would also enable student and teacher exchange, thus promoting the mobility of students and teachers in partner universities and multicultural learning.

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