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Youth participation gives the strength
Start date: Jul 5, 2015, End date: Apr 4, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Youth participation gives the strength" is youth democracy project, which involves BACKUP from Portugal Project coordinator is NGO Tähe Youth Club from Estonia. Project took place from 16th until 22nd of March 2015 in Tartu, Estonia. Participants are youngsters in the age 13-25, all together 56 people. In the local level there are different institutions involved to this project - Tartu Youth Council, Lille Maja, Tähe, Roiu and Nõo youth centers and the youth services department of the city government of Tartu. As decision-makers we involved to this project meeting Rannu and Nõo municipality mayors. Project topics are youth participation, youth work development in local level and discussion with decision-makers. The need of this project lies in coordinating organisation experience that it is not rare that youngsters, decision-makers and local community have different understand of youth participation. We offered support and ideas to decision-makers and commune administrations how they can involve youngsters to decision-making process. While meeting with participants they heard youngsters ideas and expectations from municipalities and through this project we contacted youngsters and municipalities. Through this project we inspired and motivated participants to participate actively in society life. During the youth meeting there were these activities carried out - introduce of participating countries youth participation nature and analyse of it, visiting urban and rural area youth centers, meet municipality mayor and have debate, creating videos which are addressed to general public, visit city government of Tartu. There was also simulation game European Parliament, the aim is to give youngsters knowledge about European parliament and experience of them work. As group discussion results youngster create labels and posters about youth participation, that are designed as postcards (inspired by Loesje posters and postcards). These postcards were shared to the friends of the participants. As potential long term benefit we hope to see projects that are based on youth initiative between youth seminar participants, there are more discussion about youth participation in media, decision makers are interested and see the benefit of focusing more on youth involvement. We hope to inspire not only youngsters and local communities, but also decision-makers, who decision determine if and how youngsters are involved to local level decision-making process. With participating organisations we expect that this project is the start of trustful and versatile cooperation on international youth work field, mainly on youth participation topic.

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