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Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Oct 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Individual EVS project »Youth opportunity project« will start on 1. 1. 2015 and will end on 1. 10. 2016 (20 months). There will be 5 young people participating that come from program countries in Erasmus+ program. They are from 18 to 25 years old, balanced by gender (3 male and 2 female participants). They have similar formal education (finished high school, but various interests, informal knowledge and skills, so they will bring diverity into the project. Sending organizations are YINFO - Genclik Bilgi Merkezi Dernegi (Turkey) Cooperation for Voluntary Service (Bulgaria), Europos savanoriu tarnybos asociacija Saltes (Lithuania), CENTRO XUVENIL ABERTAL (Spain), ITINERAIRE INTERNATIONAL PACA (France), hosting org. is Mladinski center Krško (Youth center Krško, Slovenia). The project will take part in all local community of each partner (preparation, evaluation phase), EVS activity will be in Krško. Volunteers from Spain, Turkey and Lithuania will arrive on 1. 2. 2015 and stay in Krško until 30. 11. 2015. The volunteer from France will come on 1. 3. 2015 and stay until 31. 8. 2015, the volunteer from Bulgaria will arrive on 1. 9. 2015 and leave on 28. 2. 2016. Both last one volunteers have been unemployed for a long time, have bad economical background, speak English very poorly,… so we will give them extra support and mentorship in the project. The project is based from the need and a wish of young volunteers, who do not have jobs at this moment, that they want to spend their youth as active as possible. They want to organize activites, learn, gain new skills and knowledge by participating in the field of culture, art. creativity. They want to make something new, inovative, useful for themselves, their home town and generally in Europe. The working methods are learning by doing, working individually and in different interest groups and with deifferent target groups. We will be using inovative methods, that support creativity, are energetic,… The project results of the project are complianced with the project objectives: - intercultural learning of youth, exceeding the stereotypes - sharing knowledge amongst young people and amongst youth org. in Europe, youth field will get stronger in Europe - active involvement of young people with fewer opportunities into the society and activities; growth of the solidarity amongst young people - gaining informal experience and skills, knowledge; learning by doing, integration of informal knowledge into formal education and the other way around - 5 own projects of young volunteers (book, playing saz, inovative methods in sports,…) - spreading the voluntary work amongst young people, more young people decide to go abroad in Europe - spreading the feeling of European awareness amongst young people, having knowledge about the work of EU institutions, political arrangements, youth programs - better recognition of Eramus + program in Europe - more employed young people in Europe; better use of the tools for the recognition of informal knowledge (Youthpass, Europass,…) and that participants in the project get job after EVS - more new programs for youth in Krško (and in partner local communities after EVS ending), that will involve young people and wil answer on their needs - dissemination and explotation of the project results by young participants in their local community after arriving back home - supporting young people to become responsible European citizen (selfiniciative, attending elections, taking the responsibility, active participation of young people in the community) - transparent use of EU founds The project will be in English language. Young EVS volunteers will work in Krško and the surrounding places. Dissemination and the use of project results will be divided amongst partner who will make the project visible in the time of preparations for the project (with the Erasmus + logos, information about the EU support and about Erasmus+ program). While young participants will be in Krško, they will give public statements about the project for local media, publish photos, their thoughts about the project on social networks,… In their local community they will make the presentation and results of the project, photos, short movies from the activities. The expected result of the EVS project »Youth opportunity project« are new future projects of the included partners in Erasmus + program.
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