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Youth-opportunity entrepreneurship, innovation, skill , future
Start date: May 28, 2015, End date: Dec 27, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Youth-opportunity entrepreneurship, innovation, skill , future. Young people are proposing through the project, addressing entrepreneurship as a solution to problems identified in the two communities, namely: youth unemployment in the two communities and among youth worldwide has reached a dramatic and entrepreneurship is one of the solutions on hand to solve this problem planetary. Entrepreneurship is minimal in Romania and Moldova, as well as quality management, training of young employers not being taken into consideration as an investment for the near future. The overall objective is to increase awareness and promote positive attitudes of young people from the two communities in Romania and Moldova to entrepreneurship through education and training, resulting in decrease in the number of unemployed in the two communities. The specific objectives are: 1.Promote entrepreneurship as a possible career and promote the participation of 24 young people on the EU labor market as a solution to reduce unemployment among young people in Alexandria and Gratiesti 2.Development of managerial and entrepreneurial skills of the 24 young participants in the activities developed as an alternative efficient adaptation to the labor market during the 6 months of the project 3.Strengthening cooperation between the two organizations in the youth field in Romania and Moldova, the international dimension of the activities, the role of individuals and organizations active in youth 4.Improving the integration of ICT in activities by supporting learning and access to electronic educational resources. Participants need to develop basic skills and across, such as entrepreneurship, their professional and personal development. The project responds to the need for development of young innovative and creative abilities, making them aware of the value of entrepreneurial skills to a business as a career option, challenging them to analyze the market, identify needs and find solutions to help them to take initiative for establishing and running a business. The target group consists of 12 young people from Romania: one young unemployed, two young people who live in social housing, two youth from single parent families, one rom, six high schools in Teleorman, interested in entrepreneurship and personal development and 12 young people from Moldova: one young man with a parent participating in the armed conflict in Transnistria, one young disabled, two youth from single parent families, one unemployed, four teenagers, three students. For achieving the goals young people will meet in Romania and will establish an entrepreneurs club that will perform workshops, exercises, debate, role play, job club, outdoor activities, public events, advocacy, open space transfer know how, visit other entrepreneurs, competition,, 4 Ideas to do ", will also realize support entrepreneurial education manual that will provide a real support for young people who like the idea of entrepreneurship. All these activities are designed and prepared by themselves before sharing the group. Impact on young people: Assuming responsibility for the problems of the communities they belong to, enhancing skills, entrepreneurial skills acquired, improving cultural information about another country, making friends, eliminate dropout; Developing the ability to achieve a business plan, develop values, skills, interpersonal communication skills, cooperation, planning, creative problem solving, organizational management, conflict, leisure (they do not waste time and money on gambling, nor are turning to drugs ,they are not prone to violence), leadership, self-respect for others, responsibility. Impact on institutions involved: Raising their prestige in the community, county, at national and European level, due to solving one of the problems of youth, specific that of unemployment. Partner associations achieve to encourage young people to engage in interactive activities for leisure, to attract them in an environment appropriate for their personal development, to form new skills of communication among them. Tangible results: voluntary agreements, job descriptions, project implementation plan, project management procedures, activity reports, monitoring sessions, questionnaires on the initial assessment of the beneficiaries, in the process, final project website, an electronic network consists of young and NGOs participants in youth projects to share ideas, conferences, press releases, Entrepreneurs Club, video films project. Intangible results: knowledge and experience gained by young entrepreneurs, project management skills developed by the project team members of the two communities, increasing awareness regarding youth issues, increasing the capacity of participating organizations to manage projects at European / international level ,development of strategies to improve internationalization, cooperation.
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