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Youth Mobility Against Crisis
Start date: May 18, 2015, End date: Oct 17, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Youth Mobility Against Crisis " is a project dedicated to the transfer of knowledge to and between young people about existing chances and opportunities in today's world, which are given by highly developed instruments of educational and professional mobility. The objectives of the project are: - To show young people the opportunities and benefits that come with mutual cooperation with other countries and the European Union; - To show the enormous role of young people contributing to exploit existing relationships, including this connected with the opportunities provided by the EU mobility programs; - To encourage young people to proceed such initiatives in the future and to increase their mobility, both as students and young workers open to job offers from all over Europe; - To create favourable environment to personal and social development of participants by undertaking a variety of activities at the local, national and international levels; - To promote informal learning, and to show the opportunities offered by information and communication technologies in navigating the modern states and societies; - The promotion of language learning as a way of finding ourselves in foreign markets and gaining experience and the next competence there; - To increase interpersonal skills and those related to the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship; - To enable young people to be active citizens and increase their sense of belonging to Europe. The project will involve all together 36 participants. 32 people aged 18-30 who are interested in deepening their knowledge of mobility, the European Union programs, and international cooperation to support the improvement of the situation of young people in the EU Member States with a view to increasing the chances of obtaining an education and employment by utilizing existing opportunities and possibilities in other countries. Participants will be accompanied by four national leaders who will support and motivate them during all activities included in the program of Exchange. The main activity of the project is a Youth Exchange, which is scheduled to hold in Mikolajki, the Masurian Lake District in Poland, which will be attended by participants from Spain, Poland, Portugal and Italy. During the 8-day period of the Exchange participants will take part in workshops, simulation games and outdoor activities, which in a coherent and comprehensive will give young people the knowledge about existing chanes of mobility, opportunities and best practices in other countries, as well as the methods and tools of work, that young people can use for the development of themselves and their society. Methodology: The use of elements of informal and non-formal education during the cultural and language workshops, simulation games, outdoor activities, team building activities, discussions and joint presentations. All activities will take place in international groups. Expected results: - Expanding the knowledge of the institution of the economic crisis, according to the principle: "To fight the crisis, you need to understand its causes, mechanisms and effects"; - Expanding the knowledge of the mobility as a tool to support youth and fight the crisis and other opportunities offered by the projects under the European Union programs; - Expanding the knowledge on best practices to combat the crisis in the rest of the European Union; - Increase awareness of the benefits of international cooperation and the use of instruments of formal education and non-formal education while taking into account, intercultural environment as basis of effective cooperation to tackle the crisis; - Support for new attitudes that help in personal growth, finding in the labor market, including by increasing the initiative and entrepreneurship among young people with regard to mobility issues; - Develop the ability to reflect and to increase self esteem of each participant. Promotion of mobility, activity and cultural integration, as well as the next steps of young people in this area should result in a change of attitude and contribute to the development of cooperation between states and societies, which in turn will translate into a much broader impact of the project - a national and even international. Positive attitude in the whole society should contribute to the vitality of the relationship in the social, cultural, and economic field, what is needed for sustainable recovery and return to the path of growth.
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