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Youth Mediatraining for employability&environments
Start date: Aug 1, 2012,

Objectives of the proposed course are media trainings, improving competences and skills of the responsible youthworkers who want to use media tools in their daily work with the theme “climate change and sustainability”, to useCommunity Media and to contribute to the creation of international Web-TV for non-governmental, social and culturalYouth NGOs across Europe. The training will introduce 24 multipliers to the methods of raising European awareness, promoting environmental protection and sustainability together with intercultural dialogue and fostering understanding and cooperation between young people in Europe with the help of Community Media and Web-TV-tools. Focussed on the theme "climate change and renewable energy" the participants will explore characteristics of active citizenship, and intercultural dialogue and will learn how these priorities can be creatively addressed by means of using modern digital media and Community Media. After the training participants know more about sustainability, they know how Community Media works, how to produce short reports, street interviews and information clips about acute ecological issues for the Community Media and European Web-TV projects. These skills are important key competences and will intensely improve the employability of Youth. Participants will be acknowledged by a certificate which makes the non-formal qualifications transparent. Building up a network of youth media multipliers will allow to initiate and maintain the theme of the training course in Community Media and internet-TV programs. Their media reports will be disseminated via Youth Web-TV( Together we will upgrade the cross-border networks of Youth NGOs for a stronger cohesion in EU as well as with the candidate Turkey. The ‘sustainabilitiy’ of cooperation will get stronger to promote intercultural communication and awarness on climate change in EU. New projects for better Youth employability will arise from the project.

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  • Youth\Youth in action (2007-2013)\Youth Support Systems\Training and networking of those active in youth work and youth organisations
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