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YOUTH MEDIA COALLITIONS : bridging the eu distances
Start date: Oct 1, 2009,

The possibility to creatively'use the media as devices that support youth activism, the fight against prejudices and xenophobia and in general the dissemination of human values, has resulted in the formation of many youth ngos that use the innovative potential of media as the core of their work in the promotion of cultural diversity and social awareness.Youth media programmes focus on the ways in which the young people can use the power of media to express their oppinions, that often go unnoticed in the mainsteram media networks. They also explore the potentials of media to promote young people's personal growth and development. With young people under the age of 24 making up half of the world's population, their perspectives on current issues and events are not only valuable and insightful, but essential to informing key decision-makers about the impact of their actions on the young people.In order to take advantage of the full capacities of the media power and to facilitate the distribution of socially engaged media productions many networks have been established during the last years between youth media ngos. However the cooperation with ngos from East and South East Europe has been limited.The current partnership-building activity will focus on developing the platform for. dissemination and implementation of good practices, competences and skills for youth media projects bringing together youth workers from the programme countries and neighbouring EU partner countries. The goal will be the expansion of existing media networks to include East and South East European countries, the networking of youth media organizations for the exchange and mobilization of EVS volunteers and the development of cooperational projects, especially inside the YIA Program.

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