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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Youth centre Don Bosko brings together a large number of children and young people, aged 7 to 18yrs. The main goal is to teach children to spend their free time in a quality way, instead of wasting it on streets. We act preventively in order to avoid risky behavior of young adults. We try to organize their free time through games, sports, workshops, trips and meetings. Our target group is primarily socially vulnerable children and young adults who come from less developed areas. They spend their free time on streets because they have nobody to take care of them. Our centre is open to everyone regardless of ethnic or religious affiliation. Center is located in a poorer part of the city where there are a lot of kids with problematic behavior. Also this is the area where Roma population lives so we have a significant number of Roma children participating in our activities. European Voluntary Service is a great opportunity for young people from different countries to connect and learn from each other, and more importantly, learn more about themselves. Sharing experiences between people coming from different backgrounds is very enriching for a young person. It promotes the values of voluntary work, with the importance of expressing tolerance and solidarity between young people. Spending time in a foreign country teaches them how to be independent, learn to adapt to different conditions of living and become more self-confident. Living in an environment different from their own will teach them how to surpass prejudice, become more tolerant and respect different rules. Participating in various projects teaches them how to develop responsibility and work habits. In our project we want to include an enthusiastic young person ready to learn and to share knowledge and able to adjust to live and work in an unknown environment. Also, volunteer should be open towards people of different religion, because our center operates in a multicultural environment. We will give advantage to those who have already worked on similar youth projects. Selection of a volunteer will be carried out based on the experience with children and young people, motivation and will to be involved in work of our organization. Volunteer should be flexible and open-minded, able to cooperate successfully with people from foreign countries. The volunteer we choose should speak English language. There will be one volunteer would be involved in all stages starting from planning and preparation of the activities, through their organization and implementation, to the final evaluation. Volunteer will also have the freedom to express talents and potentials, and to enrich our programmes by adding own ideas and offering new programmes to our young visitors. Every working day children gather at 4pm in the Youth center where they can play, socialize and participate in different workshops. There are also programmes during summer and winter school break. Children are always supervised by our animators and volunteers. Through all these activities they acquire knowledge and skills. Every activity contributes to the development of their imagination and creativity. They learn how to express themselves, they improve their concentration, which has positive impact on their grades and behavior in school. Through time they will develop self-confidence and self-consciousness. EVS volunteer herself will get good competences while living in a different environment and learning to adapt to new conditions of life. She will grow personally and she will become more independent and self-confident. A long-term experience away from home will give her the possibility to grow very much as a person and get better ideas about her future. She will share her experience and methods of work here, and at the same time she will gain new experience learning from us. This means that she will contribute a lot here with her ideas and competences. After her service, she will be able to share and implement her new knowledge in the country of origin.
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