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Youth information and European mobility
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 30 Nov 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The BIJ, a youth information centre, is an hosting organisation since 2010. So we have been hosting one volunteer a year since 2011. Welcoming an EVS is part of the BIJ's project, as we promote international mobility to young people in Brest. The different activities of the '"Youth information and media" project aim to promote international mobility, volunteering and european citizenship to the BIJ's target publics. The volunteer embodies the mobility opportunity through his participation to the BIJ's activities. He's integrated to the staff of the association and "work" in collaboration with each one.- The “Café international”: a three-monthly event for people who either already have a project abroad or already had an experience of the kind and wishing to share it. The volunteer will be asked to organise it jointly with the “Café international” manager in charge of this event. As a consequence, he will have to search for the discussion theme and for partners (caregivers, participants, support and so on) getting in touch with them, as well as organising the whole event (necessary material…) and attending it. The volunteers will be encouraged to show initiative, and get themselves fully involved in this task, for example, by making a presentation of their own country, their culture and/or their “EVS” experience during a dedicated evening.The volunteer will help to do the papers review on international topics by collecting or by making a selection of the articles and by archiving them chronologically.- The youth and international daysThis is a yearly event that has been organised by the BIJ for 8 years. Its goal being to make international projects easier for youngsters to prepare. The volunteer will help to ensure the communication of the event.- Taking part of the international projects of the BIJ (training course, seminars…) which are always different from one year to the next one. We are working on 2 projects. First one is on housing for YP (Interreg) and second one is with Euorpe for citizens programme. We will know if they are granted ina couple of months.- Outside interventionsThe BIJ gets to intervene in high school, higher education schools, forums… according to the demand and to the theme or the topics including international sector. That’s the reason why the volunteer may be ask to make a presentation of their own native country, by describing their culture or their EVS experiences for example.- Sending youngsters in EVS/support yung people mobility projectsThe volunteers will also being involve into special meetings for supporting youngsters willing to go abroad through the EVS program in order to share their own experience or to provide some advice. It will be allo asked to the volunteer to help ypungtsres who have a project abroad.- Personal projectThe volunteers will have the opportunity of putting in place his own project linked with the activities of our association, the BIJ.- Paper review on international topics
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