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Youth Information and Counselling: New Formats and Scenarios
Start date: Jan 1, 2014,

The aim of the project is to share knowledge, get to know different scenarios and define a common vision to develop the formats of Youth Information and Counselling through a seminar. It is planned to take place in Malta between 26-30 January 2014 and contribute to the operation and maintenance of high quality youth information and counselling services in the project partner countries and beyond.A total of 29 participants, experts and facilitators are coming from Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Luxembourg, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Malta, the Netherlands, Serbia and the United Kingdom. The seminar participants will 1) discuss about existing Youth Information and Counselling structures and their formats, as well as the needs for their development, 2) hear expert input on the organisation of youth information and counselling on European level and the relation of national structures to this frame, so that they could develop national (re)actions for developing their services and 3) discuss about needs to create new formats and scenarios in order to ensure sustainable and up-to-date youth information and counselling services in their countries.During the seminar participants will also share responsibilities and tasks to work further with the above mentioned issues in the future and make plans how to continue with the work that will be initiated in the Malta seminar.The seminar programme will be run with active and participative methods. The participants will work in pairs, in smaller groups and plenary too. The seminar will be facilitated by a representative of the host organisation. Each day will end with a round up-session to summarise the day, if the expected aims were reached, what the learning experiences were and to discuss generally about the programme.

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