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Youth in nature - Youth support to Eco-village
Start date: Feb 1, 2012,

In a globalized world, where every issue must be considered in a global perspective, special attention must be put on addressing issues such as sustainable development, climate change and the environment. The role of young people in addressing these global issues must be recognized and their activism in promoting an ecological lifestyle must be encouraged. Young people have a key role to play in the future of this world, not only because they are the adults and leaders of tomorrow, but also because they have the possibility to think “out of the box”; to invent new solutions. Every young person can play a role in global development, and we want to encourage actions at grass roots levels in order to develop a global conscience of environmental protection amongst European youth. Therefore we (JUMP organization, hosting organization) will organise an 8 day Youth Exchange in Serbia (venue: hotel on mountain Divcibare) that will gather 25 young people from 5 European countries Spain, Czech Republic, FYR Macedonia, Croatia and Serbia) to discuss ways of bringing global environmental issues into youth work. The event will focus on possibilities for young people to design their own environments that will reduce society's reliance on industrial systems of production and distribution that are fundamentally and systematically destroying the Earth's ecosystems. The main focus of the event will be Eco-villages as a tool for creating a social environment in a low-impact lifestyle. This Youth Exchange will provide the participants with a first-hand experience as they will have a chance to visit an eco-village. This way we aim to bring together the theoretical sessions with the practical experience of living in an eco-village.
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