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YOUTH IN GREEN for a European culture of environmental protection and promotion of the local territory
Start date: Feb 9, 2015, End date: Oct 8, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project aims to provide young Europeans, between 20 and 27 years old, the opportunity to enhance in a innovative, creative and recreational way, issues such as recycling, waste recycling, energy savings, but also biodynamic farming, care of common goods, etc., first of all starting from the opportunity to meet and compare experiences, knowledge and lifestyles of people in different countries to strengthen their aspirations, awareness, knowledge and skills in order to build a shared and European culture, based on respect for the environment, on civic engagement and the sustainable socio-economic development of a territory. We also involve young people who have social and economic obstacles, such as those who do not work or study, but also young migrants who have linguistic and cultural difficulties that complicate the social integration into their context of life. The purpose is to hinder social exclusion, promote integration and solidarity among young people, offer opportunities for growth, empowerment and autonomy. Using methods of non-formal education (role-playing games, round tables, manual and creative Labs), the project gives to young people the opportunity to enhance the knowledge of themselves, of their limitations and how to overcome them, promoting environmental and sustainability topics as a means of inclusion, making aware the young people on important civic issues. We planned to realize two exchanges attended by 112 young people from Italy, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. The first exchange, provides non-formal educational activities that focus on the theme of environmental protection, while the second is more oriented towards enhancing the theme of promoting the local territory. Both exchanges will allow a personal and group work through activities focused on the rise of cultures, diversity, of habits and lifestyles, that contribute to building a common European awareness. Moments of socialization and integration will be managed through activities aimed at recognizing the elements that distinguish and approaching participants: the spoken languages, styles and daily habits, traditions through folk music, games on the culture of individual countries. In addition, through role-play, roundtables, participants will talk about European citizenship, the role that the EU and its institutions have in the formulation and promotion of policies in favor of young people and not only. Participants will be able to experiment in a context of non-formal education where each is the protagonist and where diversity is considered an element of wealth. The multicultural group will participate in external activities (visits to enterprises and organizations that carry out activities inherent in the project themes, natural places in which has developed the concept of protection and environmental sustainability), at moments of confrontation with experts. The project's main purpose is to provide concrete tools and relationship to the participants for reinforced a shared culture to environmental protection, but also to search for job opportunities, find contacts and build meaningful and stimulants relationships at the European level. In particular, we expect a positive impact on young participants because through actions and activities they will be able to: -develop or improve the skills and knowledge under environmental protection and promotion of the local territory; -to increase their knowledge and awareness about the opportunities in the environmental sector; -strengthen a European culture of respect for the environment with sustainable lifestyle at natural, social and economic level; -embrace new cultures, customs and lifestyles; -improving knowledge and use of the English language; -strengthen the values of solidarity, intercultural dialogue, friendship and active citizenship; -strengthen the entrepreneurship.
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