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Youth in EU and China: working together to common challenges
Start date: Nov 22, 2011,

This project brings together 15 youth organisations operating in Europe,'tthinaapd'eputhiEast'Asia and is intended to foster cooperation between European and Chinese youth .organisations by erig^gilfrg in-actions aimed at asserting the positive role of volunteering in curbing youth unemplòymentiBy doing-this we plan increase awareness amongst the participants, and major stakeholders at the pqlítioáljevèl, oh issues such as cultural diversity. The project is intended to create a basis for long term cooperáíQřiíbetween the two regions in the field of non-formal, education and all the partnership elaborated in tHe-soùrsé of this projecť will have a long term perspectives according "to principles of mutual understandingand appreciation of different cultures.This project has three main objectives:Empower young people (including those with fewer opportunities) and create multipliers Tackle youth unemployment and show how volunteering can contribute to brining it down Foster capacity building of Chinese youth organisations and EU-China dialogueThe objectives will be met thanks to a number of group activities:A starting up seminar in Beijing province (30 participants, 4 trainers, 6 Steering Group members)A training for youth leaders in Sichuan province (30 participants, 4 trainers, 6 Steering Group members)Four Moving Trainings, one in China, one in South East Asia and two in Europe (5 members of the movingteam will meet with different 20 participants at each of the two stops with a total of160 participants trained)An information day on the role of volunteering in Europe and China and the way volunteering can be usedto curb youth unemployment (one information day in each participant country)A final seminar in Estonia (24 participants, 4 facilitators and 6 Steering Group members)The number of participants involved (direct beneficiaries) is estimated around 280 with several thousand proposed indirect beneficiaries. This will be achieved thanks to the partnerships this project will be creating with National Youth Councils (two NYCs are partners in this project), international platforms such as CCIVS, Alliance (a number of partners are members of such platforms) and foundations such as the Asia Europe Foundation and the Guanghua Foundation (which is also funding some of the activities in China)
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