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Youth for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics
Start date: Jan 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Due to high youth unemployment in the EU and the negative economic and social impacts of it, promoting youth entrepreneurship has gained priority on the political agendas. However, regardless of huge efforts by national and European policy makers, very few young people - in 2013 only 6,5% between 15 and 29 - actually start their own businesses. Thus, the overall objective is to promote youth entrepreneurship at EU level by providing young people with non-formal learning opportunities helping them - to explore and develop their entrepreneurial initiative,- to develop and improve their leadership skills and - to acquire knowledge about business ethics and to reflect the ethical dimensions of leadership in business in the context of a "highly competitive Social Market Economy" (Lisbon Treaty).Usually, these competences are not at all or only to a small extent and rather superficially part of the curricula of universities or business or other professional schools. They are also hardly part of trainee or on the job training programs in companies. And it is difficult to teach these competences theoretically, they rather need innovative methods. Therefore, the proposed strategic partnership was formed by 9 partners from 5 EU Members States (Germany, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Belgium) comprising business associations, small and mediums sized (social) businesses, research centers and civil society organizations as well as associations of students and young professionals, institutions granting scholarships and other foundations and universities and business and other professional schools.The aim is to jointly put in place an innovative program of non-formal education that should be complementary to both university studies, trainee programs and further training activities of young people at the beginning of their professional career. Such a program should be designed to prepare and encourage young people to develop a spirit of entrepreneurship and at the same time a spirit of responsible citizenship and integrate both - based on to their ethical values and on the concept of the Social Market Economy” - into a new way of ethical leadership in the world of business. This can lead to engaged commitment in the field of social business, in their own start-ups or in the management of a family business or in a larger corporation.The project comprises three different strands of activities. Active involvement of young people and youth leadership are key principles of implementation. The first strand relates to the themes “Business Ethics” and “Social Market Economy”, as a reflex to the consequences of the financial and economic crisis which hit the younger generations particularly hard. Young Europeans will work together to write themselves the "Youth Code of Business Ethics" (Intellectual Output 1) and the "Youth Lexicon on Social Market Economy" (Intellectual Output 2). In addition, they will do this reflection and dialogue with experienced members of business associations and professors from the various universities which are part of the Strategic Partnership.The second strand comprises analytical activities regarding youth entrepreneurship education and training in the partner countries. The partners will conduct two surveys in their national contexts involving a) universities and business and other professional schools (Intellectual Output 3) and b) companies (Intellectual Output 4) with the aim to enquire to what extent existing teaching and training programs focus on business ethics, entrepreneurial and other leadership skills as well as on the concept of Social Market Economy.The third strand relates to the joint development of the "Innovative Training Concept for Youth Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics" (Intellectual Output 5) which is the key intellectual output.All intellectual outputs will be available in English and translated in all partner languages.Enhancing young people’s practical entrepreneurial skills, creativity and communicative competencies will increase their opportunities to fully participate in all spheres of society and economy on an equal basis and empower and qualify them to take the lead in shaping future European societies and to become agents for a truly “Social Market Economy”.Activities will also contribute to increasingly mainstream entrepreneurship related content in non-formal and formal education facilitating changes in the attitude of young people towards self-employment and entrepreneurship viewed as a viable option for employment and income generation. As a consequence, the number of sustainable and social youth enterprises and opportunities for self-employment will rise in the EU making a positive contribution to socio-economic development and inclusive growth. In addition, transnational collaboration of business associations will foster mobility of young people and thus make Europe a more dynamic society and labor market.
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