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"Youth for all...all for Humanity"
Start date: May 2, 2016, End date: Nov 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

After the Arabic Spring lot of countries lost their stability in Asia and Northern Africa. Also climate change causing the lack of clean water and land to cultivate, a huge number of migrants started their exodus from these areas for a better life or to save their lives. Countries on the border of the EU, and generally all of them are facing a huge immigration pressure from people arriving with very different cultural and religious background. We, as international youth workers are shocked by some of the states’ responses, since it is totally against the European values. As those working with intercultural learning, acceptance of other cultures, solidarity, support of cultural diversity, as individuals, already started to help volunteering groups helping refugees and immigrants to be able to live with their rights given by international law. This made us to start thinking how we could use and offer our capacities to this problem; that with our knowledge, partnerships and resources how we could help fighting fears, ignorance of the situation or growing racism – in some cases even encouraged by governments – in this very quickly changing demographical situation in Europe. The needs, fears we would like to reflect to in our project: - Biggest immigration pressure on Europe in modern times; No exact and general solution plans from EU countries, since the phenomenon is very quickly escalating. It even causes tension between the EU countries; Growing fears of local population, even encouraged by political forces; Growing racism and radicalisation. We selected these topics, because our main idea was that we have to reflect on what is happening at the moment, since we cannot avoid being involved in these happenings, because of our previous work, our values and principles. We have the potential background to contribute to the solution on our level.We strongly believe that people need to know the facts about immigration in order to have a clear picture regarding to the current immigration situation, understand the reality of the immigrants, explore the truth behind political communication, discover the human behind the crisis and explore the possibilities for giving support and cooperate together for the peace of Europe and for the peace of people who survived wars. Fear is a power, nevertheless Love is a power, we would like to give the chance to choose between them based on information and campaigning offline and online against xenophobia and racisms towards immigrants/refugees/human beings. The overall aim of the training course is to fight against xenophobia and arising racism towards immigrants, to change the negative feelings regarding to migration into positive approach based on understanding of the backgrounds of immigrants and the political and cultural based roots of fears and ignorance of the societies. To train youth workers, youth leaders how to invent offline and online campaigns with, for and by young people in order to support the integration of young people with immigrants’ background and fight for humanity and European values. We will host 33 youth workers, youth leaders from rural areas who are planning to work or working with immigrant kids in daily basis from Portugal, Bulgária, Roménia, Polónia, Espanha, República Checa, Macedónia, Malta, Hungria, Turquia, França e Estónia. Our project is entitled ”YOUTH FOR ALL … … ALL FOR HUMANITY” - Training course on dealing with cultural and religious differences and developing local online and offline campaigning against xenophobia and racism will be held at 23 to 30 June in Arrouquelas, Rio Maior, Portugal. The project is based on the methodology of non – formal education; it will be voluntary based and learner – centred. Experienced international trainers’ team will conduct all methods based on the needs and expectations of the partner organisations and the participants. In the preparation phase local research in the participated countries will be run about the reasons of ignoring, generating fears from immigrants, and becoming racists connected to immigration. The results will support youth workers, teachers and young people to understand their feelings and reactions and where these perceptions come from. This understanding can help to fight against xenophobia and racism and can be used as a fundamental base of campaigns. Campaign e - booklet against xenophobia and racism, including correct information about the reasons of immigration, the immigrating groups and their cultural and religious backgrounds: during the project local campaigns will be run by young people with the support of youth workers, teachers, social workers, psychologist, etc. These campaigns will happen in online and offline forms and addressing all parts of societies in order to spread the true facts from immigrants instead of lies and find more humanitarian aids for people in need. Methods we plan to use: working in national teams, in mixed teams, individual and pair work, putting

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