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Youth Exchange -Hackney Botkyrka part 2
Start date: 20 May 2013,

This project is a Youth and professional exchange between Sweden and United Kingdom, Botkyrka in Greater Stockholm and Hackney in inner city London. Focus of this exchange is for the young people and the staff working with them to share their knowledge and experiences of their own community, to compare and get inspired by others who are alike in many aspects but also very different. The bases of the project are the young people’s arenas of the youth club but also of the area where they live. We will facilitate the opportunity for the young people to set the agenda of the exchange within the theme of being/feeling safe and youth participation and influence in their own local youth club and local community.The key perspectives are youth involvement and participation where we discuss staying safe and making a contribution in the youth club and our local areas. The objective is to use this project as a starting point and incentive for young people and their community, including professionals, to work together to improve safety in the local area. We hope to achieve this by facilitating dialogue workshops where the young people will discuss with each other and professionals, subjects as, children's rights, what makes a person feel safe and be safe, what do the young people want professionals to do and what do they want to contribute with themselves etc. We hope that the dialogue between young people in the two communities and professionals working with them will strengthen relationships, challenge prejudices, raise awareness for acceptance of differences and discovering similarities both in regards to between children, between children and adults and between professionals from different countries. A group of 10 young people from Sweden has visited Hackney in the end of October 2012. They were hosted by a group of 18 young people and now it is their turn to visit Botkyrka, Sweden. The exchange will take place in Botkyrka Monday the 12th of August to Monday the 19th of August with 7 days of activities and workshops. The staff who will be involved in the exchange are professionals from different agencies, police, social services, youth services, youth parliament etc.One of the methods that we will use is based on UN’s convention on the Rights of the Child being put into practice and with inspiration from “The Change Factory” in Norway. The Ombudsman for Children in Sweden used these methods to facilitate a dialogue with looked after children in Sweden and it is a creative and colourful way of documenting young people’s thoughts, feelings, views, opinions and suggestions of improvement and change in questions which affect and matters to them. The exchange will facilitate for the young people to get to know each other and bond by sharing fun and play as well as exchange of experiences, culture, feelings, opinions etc. We hope that this exchange will spark an interest of each other’s countries and maybe they will take the other country into account when deciding where to study, live and work.
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