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Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Support
Start date: 01 Sep 2015, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context The Europe 2020 Strategy has defined among others, one key priority that is to raise "Europe’s employment rate – more and better jobs, especially for women, young people and older workers" so to achieve a benchmark of " 75% employment rate for women and men aged 20-64 by 2020– achieved by getting more people into work, especially women, the young, older and low-skilled people and legal migrants". The achievement of this important goal, that has important implication for the more general objectives of at least 4 of the five headline targets that have been set for the EU to achieve by the end of 2020 as employment; research and development; education; social inclusion and poverty reduction, is threatened by the economic crisis and the consequent loss of job opportunities that in many countries lead the unemployment rates to achieve "record" percentages starting from 15% (Italy) up to more than 20% (Spain) just to quote two important examples. The Erasmus + Programme and the 2015 Call for proposals identifies important priorities to be addressed as to as to solve these issues, among which of great importance is dedicated to: - reinforcing the capacity of the VET systems to answer to the needs of the Job market and of the enterprises, and to create synergic cooperation and processes as confirmed by the Erasmus+ objective "improve the level of key competences and skills, with particular regard to their relevance for the labour market" - promoting the development of transversal skills and entrepreneurial spirit among students as confirmed by the Agenda for new skills and new jobs "helping people acquire new skills, adapt to a changing labour market and make successful career shift" The project partners have identify 3 main needs: -VET teachers need to acquire the skills to train their students on the aware use of Social Media to find job opportunities and develop their entrepreneurial spirit - Companies need to improve the use of social media for promoting their brands - The need to establish a cooperation between enterprises and the VET system in order to ameliorate the matching of job offer and demand, the visibility of companies and to promote youngsters employability To answer to these 3 main needs the YEES project intends to create a synergic effort among VET institutions and companies to explore how a correct and effective use of Social media can ensure a mutual benefit for students and companies. Aim The aim of the YEES project is to foster cooperation between the Vocational Education Systems and the world of work to promote the inclusion of youngsters in the labour market in an effective way using social media and crowdsourcing based tools. Activities The project partners will create the contents of 2 Guides -Guide 1 on professional profiles, curriculum creation, employment portals, social media resources, advices for teachers on how to train their students on web reputation related issues and adapt them to the context of each partner countries -Guide 2 focused on the creation and promotion of e-companies through the effective use of social media. This guide will also include a collection of teaching resources about social media technologies that are relevant for the promotion of employment. -Using the guides project partners will develop a MOOC course (massive open online course) for teachers, students and skateholders. The course will be upload to the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia platform for visibility and accesibility. Consortium The project will involve 9 institutions of 4 different European countries. The partnership is composed by institutions with experience in the development of innovative projects for VET schools and by institutions representing the interests of companies. Outcomes - The two Guides created to the needs of the target groups. - Testing of the updated Guides by VET teachers and companies’ human resources managers, comunity managers in order to make them acquire the skills to exploit the full potential of web social media for matching job offer and request. - Using Crowdsourcing approach for collaborative learn - MOOC Course in the UPV platform - Insertion of the YEES project results into the European VET systems Impact. People involved in the project. -200 VET Teachers and trainers -40 professionals in the field of the recruitment of employees or comunity managers -40 Enterprises -4000 VET students
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