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Youth education and development: Sport as a tool
Start date: Aug 2, 2016, End date: Jun 1, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In an increasingly competitive society, young people develop the belief that the most importante thing is the end result, neglecting the whole process of learning and training. This is why the focus on projects aimed at education and development of young people through sport, plays a key role in the formation of future members of society.The training of young people through sport transmits several principles and values, which will eventually be transported to their own lives. Education through sport is more than promoting fair play and a healthy life style in society, it eliminats social barriers, creats a sense of belonging and community, strengthens team spirit, solidarity, comradeship and mutual help, amongst each other. All these arguments are consistent with the fundamentals that substanciated the decision establishing the European Year of Education through Sport, in which the European Parliament underlined the educational and social value of sport as well as its role in combating racism and xenophobia. As indicated, the Youth Education and Development: Sport as a tool - YEDS wants:a) To sensitize educational institutions and Sport organizations to the need for cooperation;b) To promote the values conveyed through sport (eg: to develop the knowledge and personal skills, promote personal effort, teamwork, solidarity, tolerance and fair play in a multicultural framework);c) To promote awareness of the positive contribution of voluntary activities in education;d) To promote the educational value of mobility and exchange amongst young people;e) encourage the exchange of good practice;f) create a better balance between intellectual and physical activity in school life;g) Consider the education of young athletes taking part in competitive sports. The YEDS project will start with contacts via e-mail between partners to begin to outline the entire seminar. In April will be held a video conference (via Skype) with representatives of all partners in order to discuss and define all procedures associated with the seminar. After the meeting, all resolutions shall be transcribed in to InfoPack form to allow all participants access to all the information in a uniform manner. The seminar will be held in Fornos de Algodres, Portugal, from 17th to 21th of October 2016, and will bring together 26 participants from five European countries - Portugal, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Romania - in which are integrated, 10 young Europeans, with fewer opportunities, including young people living in rural / remote areas or areas with economic difficulties. This activity will carry out some energizers, icebreakers, workshops, working groups, presentations, discussions, focus groups, visits, brainstorming sessions and roundtables. So that all participants have an active role in the functioning of the seminar which will be divided in to the energizers and facilitate the participation of at least one activity per partner. The YEDS project aims to create the following impact on its participants:1. Promote the practice of the values conveyed through sport in the daily lives of young people;2. Promote the exchange of good practice;3. Promote mutual aid and solidarity, fruit of intercultural dialogue amongst young people in the seminar;4. Promote a sense of a common identity - European;5. Acquisition of new skills in education and youth development through sport;6. Valuing the participant, their self-esteem, themselfs and their communication skills with others. The participating organizations:1. Raise awareness amongst organizations of the need for inter-institutional cooperation;2. Create a network of institutional contacts that allows the involved organizations; share information in the creation of European youth projects;3. Create a better balance between intellectual and physical activity in school life;4. To promote the educational value of mobility;5. Acquisition of skills in non-formal education. The target groups:1. To promote the practice of the values conveyed through sport;2. Promote a sense of a common identity - European;3. To promote new methodologies in education through sport;4. To promote the educational value of mobility and exchanges amongst young people.Besides the objectives already mentioned, the aims that at the end of the project the participants have expanded their network of the contacts, so that in the future they can establish partnerships at na European level.
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