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Youth e-collaborating in HIV/AIDS prevention
Start date: Dec 1, 2009,

The main aim of Youth е-collaboration ¡n HIV/AIĎS prevention project is to develop an innovative set of multimedia online games covering the HIV/AIDS prevention aspects and suitable for youth workers and youth trainers. Also it aims to develop new methods for training of young people with fewer opportunities (from Africa) in order to raise their awareness of HIV prevention and increase their participation in achieving one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG 6). Last but not least the project will propose special collaborative е-game methods for working with the young people.The project addresses the priorities of "Youth in Action" programme" namely inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities via training African youth workers and youth trainers (from countries highly affected by HIV/AIDS) in how to use modern media and especially online gaming tools during non-formal youth activities. It addresses the priority themes via contributing one of the Millennium Development Goal "Combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases"; It promotes cooperation between Programme countries and other countries.The project objectives are:-To develop a new set of online multimedia games exploring the topics of HIV/AIDS prevention suitable for non-formal training of young people;-To develop new methods of training (via collaborative online games) that could be used by the youth trainers and youth workers;-To promote the cooperation between European and African youth organizations and youth centers working in the sphere of non:formal youth training; The project will also facilitate the exchange of experience and strengthen European-African dialogue in the youth field, as well as acquaint African youth organizations with the methods and principle of the "Youth in Action" programme;-To raise the awareness of the young people in one very important problem nowadays, HIV/AIDS spreading among youngsters by using new media and in this way to contribute to one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG 6);-To train youth workers, youth trainers and youth leaders via including them in specific training events (training course, contact seminar, online course) and via producing concrete training tools;Activities foreseen:HIV/AIDS game-based resource platform and an online training course for youth workers and trainers;-2 interactive е-games on the topic of HIV/AIDS and online training for youth workers; -1 international Training course and 1 international Contact making seminar;-Manual "HIV/AIDS platform and collaborative gaming in youth work";-CD with offline version of the collaborative games;-partner meetings;Venues of the main activities: Sofia (Bulgaria); Freetown (Sierra Leone) and Kampala (Uganda). 7 partners from 3 EU countries (Bulgaria, Slovenia and Latvia) and 2 African - Sierra Leone and Uganda.Number of participants: 190 youth workers and trainers, 100 young people and the staff involved.Tangible results:Online training platform with online course and 2 online collaborative games (concerning HIV/AIDS prevention);-190 trained youth workers, youth trainers, youth leaders; -100 trained young people;-more than 4000 persons will visit the HIV/AIDS platform during the project duration;-organizing youth training course, contact making seminar and meetings realted to the project topic;-200 youth organizations, NGOs, centres in Europe and Africa will be provided with information about the project -100 of these will receive packages with project products;-500 copies of the Manual "HIV/AIDS platform and collaborative gaming in youth work" printed in English (versions in krio and luganda will be available for download as e-books on the platform);-100 copies of the poster for the contact-making seminar "Youth collaboration on HIV/AIDS prevention", -100 copies of the poster for the training course "Implementation of game-based HIV/AIDS prevention strategy" and 250 copies of the CD.Disseminat
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