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Youth Developed Education
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our organisation develops educational platforms and programs which are focused on helping people develop skills and increase their employability. This EVS project is developed to allow young people to learn about educational systems and also to allow them to contribute to the building of various systems for youth. This EVS project will give our volunteers the opportunity to work in an environment that is open to new ideas and welcomes initiatives from the volunteers. The volunteers will work with youth workers and educators to develop workshops and training courses and also youth projects. They will interact with youth and adults and discover the needs with regard to education in our local society and help develop workshops and training curses which will optimise the learning outcomes for the various fields. They will interact with youth in the local community and discover problems that youth face today and help the organisation develop youth projects which can offer the young participants of their youth exchanges gain more from them. The volunteers will work with educators utilizing one line education platforms and help in the development of new online courses and also contributing to the methods used in online education. They volunteers will be able to learn the different methods used to develop educational platforms and program and will also be able to contribute to the quality and outcomes of the various programs developed. These programs are designed to be used in different countries so the volunteers will also be able to offer their input from their personal perspective. Our organisation wants to help provide more opportunities for all our locals and with this project the volunteers will be able to deal with real life issues and will be able to contribute to methods and solutions for these problems and will be able to help our people develop systems to help in education on a formal and non-formal basis. As these programs are also put into place in several other countries the partner organisations can gain from this project but utilising the outcomes of the project in their own organisations to help more young people in education and gaining more skills and competences. Part of the project will be to learn about new cultures but also to teach the locals about their different cultures. The project will be part of an ongoing project of the organisation in developing educational programs and project and will focus on the needs of various people in the EU with regard to skills and competence gaining to enhance employment chances. With the help and input of the volunteers we can better develop these programs and our knowledge of different countries and people from these countries and at the same time the volunteers can learn from professionals and learn how to develop educational programs, how to work with youth on different levels and also learn how to understand the needs of various markets and how education can be developed to meet with the needs of these markets and people. The objectives of the project will be mainly to identify the needs of people in terms of education and to develop programs based on these needs. When developing programs that increase skills and competences as needed by the society we can help combat unemployment by increasing the skills of people. Part of the project will be to learn about new cultures but also to teach the locals about their different cultures. The volunteers will work in different areas of the organisation finding the place they most enjoy and which can offer them the best learning ourcomes. They will be able to select one of the centres activities which they find most appealing and work with our local team and learn from them in those departments. We encourage the volunteers to work in various areas of the organisation so that they can maximise their learning opportunities and allow them to learn more than just one thing during their EVS experience. The youth will work with people within the organisation on the various projects and events. The volunteers are always encouraged to give their input and the organisation will support the ideas of the volunteers. We hope that with this project we can work with the young volunteers to develop new approaches to education and training and youth projects so that everyone can benefit from this project. The methodologies used are a combination of non-formal and formal methodologies which have had proven results in the past. Most of the activities are done using learning by doing and having qualified staff with the volunteers to ensure their learning outcomes and the development of their skills and competences throughout the project. The outcomes of the project will be published throughout the life of the project and will continue to be accessible on our websites even after the project. The project is designed to work in two activities with 4 volunteers from 4 countries for 6 months at
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