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Youth DemoCracy
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Because we believe in inclusion we want promote EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy by making accessible for young people in disadvantage or disadvantaged backgrounds the knowledge of Home and justice affairs (human rights & rule of law). This project will be composed by one activity Youth Exchanges - Programme Countries. We want to attenuate the gap on the youth education about democracy, personal and human rights, with this create better future perspectives on those who already have less opportunities by giving them new and educative experiences. This project will include one activity Youth Exchanges - Programme Countries which will take place in Turin in Italy from the 5th to the 12th of August. This project aims to join young people and youth workers in for reflection about the different cultural and social aspects in Europe. Intolerance is a symptom of the cultural issues in Europe and discrimination is the reflex of the non-acceptance of diversity. With the diversity of countries involved in the project and the practice educational activities we will provide participants with many opportunities to consider and discuss concepts of EU Citizenship and EU awareness. This actions are not only inherent in the thematic of the project but, in a transversal and global way, it help young people to build themselves in a peaceful and open minded conscience, as well we intend to make them feel part of the democratic processes inherent to Europe and local community. This activity will promote their active citizenship as the participants will regard the democratic processes as an important part of their personal rights. The Home and justice affairs (human rights & rule of law) sensitize and awareness are also one of the project objectives as it comes out with dramatical important in the future perspectives when coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. In this project will participate 32 young people and youth workers coming from disadvantage social, economical or/and problematic geographical areas and very rural areas. It will help them to experience and understand that, even if they suffer discrimination and have less opportunities, there is a place where they can debate and expose their ideas in a free and honest way. The need of a future with opportunities, information about their personal and human rights will empowering the young people that way. The exchange of practices, skills and competencies by the organizations will result in a better level of activity, commonly wanted. This mobility project, will create the opportunity for the self development and empowerment that can bring long lasting benefits to the participants. By answering the gap on their educational, personal and human needs, with the resource of non-formal education, we project to positively impact on their lives and those communities where they live. The methodology of the Youth Exchanges will be built on the holistic approach of non- formal education and learning, as well the maieutic approach to non-formal learning will be used. Learning by doing, workshops, visits, group debates, group dynamics, ( team building, icebreakers, energizers, tolerance games and role play), lectures, group work, panel discussions, field visits, etc. will be used as tools to engage participants actively in the learning process. Experienced facilitating team will assess the needs and expectations of participants and based on that to invent new, creative and participatory methods. The methodological order of the program will be: starting from the individual to arrive to the local and international levels. The phases will be: - individual assessment of cultural identity; - recognizing cultural impact on individuals and cultural impact on local community; - exploring social challenges within society in locally and international level; - collect/share legal information and good practices to tackle disadvantage and social challenges locally and international level; -Study visits to locals of central and local administration, law houses and organization with successful projects regarding the subject of the project; -Creation of a artistic exhibition about personal, regional, national and international laws, rights and values; -Create enlightenment session about Erasmus+ open to the community. Participants will come from Italy, Hungary and Portugal

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