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YOUth Challenged
Start date: Dec 3, 2012,

“YOUth Challenged” will bring together 48 young people from 6 countries from EU and EEC to discuss and reflect together about the global challenges and global issues. We will organise this youth exchange in Minsk, Belarus which will have also a symbolic value – to bring young people together to reflect about global challenges on the border of Europe and Asia. Youth in the World is one of the eight priority fields of the new EU Youth Strategy. We share this point of view and believe that young people must be brought up as responsible global citizens, face with the challenges and be aware of the consequences of their day-to-day behaviors on global level. All the global issues affect not just European countries, affect to everybody in this world . The project will make young people more sensitive to selected global challenges like environmental problems and climate change, poverty and social exclusion, human rights, intercultural dialogue, intergenerational solidarity etc. They will discover these topics through simulation games, exercises, activities for interaction with local community, discussions in small groups, plenary sessions, concrete actions workshops, etc. These topics require not only formal knowledge, but also the reflection about values and attitudes. That is why the non-formal education and principles will be used. Young people will reflect on what they can do in their every day life to behave more responsibly and to inspire also their local community to change their way of life. We will also present young people the Youth in Action programme and motivate them to organise their own projects on local or international level to support global development. After young people come back home, they should act as multipliers of their newly acquired knowledge and experience.

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