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Youth at Work! Balkan Perspectives
Start date: 01 Dec 2012,

Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe is the Sending Organization for a Seminar under the title "Youth at Work! Balkan Perspectives" which will take place in Skopje in January 2013 and will be hosted by MODOM. During five days 35 young people from South Eastern Europe and beyond will discuss the current youth employment situation in Europe - having a special focus on the Balkans - and develop youth responses to this problem. We will explore tools and methods for youth participation and activism on the European level in dealing with youth employment having in mind the wider European context and phenomenons of the rising political extremism, citizens' disgruntlement and migration.We aim to empower youth in political and decision-making processes which concern social rights and rights of youth in particular. We aim to empower youth to detect opportunities for themselves and their societies in creating their own jobs with emphasis on creating green jobs and being employed in green jobs thus taking into account the global environmental problems. We will discuss youth unemployment and find tools and methods for youth to influence improvement on all levels: from the political sphere and policy level, to understanding the economical system and local entrepreneurship. Participants will learn about the current economical, social and political system and youths involvement in its practices having a special focus on European institutions. The project plans to emphasize and develop solidarity and tolerance among young people as those are the values which can help reaching our common goals in solving our problems together in the European context. This seminar will be executed following the principles of non-formal education, celebrating diversity and fostering European identity. With this project we aim to strengthen our Network and encourage future cooperation among the participating organizations.
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