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Youth at Risk - Working with Young People at Risk of Social Exclusion

Inspired by youth work practice and recent transnational research in this field, the Youth at Risk project will develop a model approach and new methods of working with young people at risk, which involves a more intensive, empowering, future-oriented and multi-disciplinary approach. In parallel, it will further create a web-based study module for use in initial or continuous vocational training by students and existing employees in the fields of youth work, socio-pedagogy or social work. Two primary products are to be developed, a guide to the working model that contains research findings, methodologies, practical tools and a self-monitoring handbook for users (available on CD-Rom) and a web-based study module and series of learning materials supported by an on-line group tutoring facility. Both will be made available in four languages (NL, EN, FI & IT) and will be accessible via open learning, adult education or undergraduate level vocational training. A key added value of the project will be the introduction to introduce vocational training providers of new field methods relevant to rapidly changing needs and practices in the youth work sector. The developed course will be incorporated into participating partners' training programmes with the end model expected to be transferable to any professional working with young people at risk within the health, guidance or employment fields. Dissemination will rely upon web pages, articles in relevant journals and presentations at national and international conferences where teachers and practitioners are most likely to meet, including the European Committee of Training Centres. A final transnational conference will be held in FI to market the CD-Rom and the additional support materials.
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