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Youth at healthy living habits
Start date: Jun 22, 2015, End date: Feb 22, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The acquisition of unhealthy life styles is a growing concern, especially during adolescence, stage that are configured many future habits and problems. Thus, behaviors such as smoking, sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, alcohol or drugs, are practices that often start at this stage and then they move into adulthood, bringing dire health consequences. Besides, the consumption patterns of young people, alcohol or snuff, usually appear related to the practices of dominant entertainment of the young people and, it will be in such contexts, spaces for informal socializing, the most suitable for creating protective factors in young (values, positive attitudes and personal resources) ultimately, healthy lifestyles. Thus, Educere and AK Tirol, have thought of this youth exchange, Youth at healthy living habits, aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles in our youth. This exchange aims to be an effective tool to raise awareness among participants in acquiring good habits, in relation to the food, the practice of physical activity, substance abuse, especially alcohol and snuff, and the use of new technologies information linked to the dissemination and promotion of healthy lifestyles. All of this, under the analysis and the value involved of being in an intercultural environment where young people can share habits, traditions and customs, increase their skills and social skills, communication, intercultural and digital, knowledge and sense of belonging Europe, their capacity for initiative, etc. Participants will have aged between 15 and 17 years. In order of priority, both entities have established criteria for selection, which we define as follows: young people who have not had any experience or previous contact with european character, whom have limited financial resources, presenting difficulties of character educational and / or problems of a different nature in their family environment and young people who present some kind of conduct or risk behavior related to the priority issues of this proposal, or deemed that they could develop them in the near future. With the activities included in this proposal, we intend to act in areas directly involved in the physical and psychological state of youth, such as physical health: eating habits, prevention substance use (alcohol and snuff), the fitness: with sports, discovering new ways to exercise, a fun way. Also, mentally, with activities specifically aimed at reducing levels of stress, anxiety, promoting wellbeing. At the social level, promoting social integration of young people and their participation, through the improvement of their skills, social, intercultural, civic, communication, among many others. In response to this, we have scheduled workshops healthy eating, alcohol and snuff a video workshop where participants will develop a campaign to promote healthy lifestyles, the practice of new fun sports: hiking, introduction to surf , dances, traditional games, etc. Activities of mental and physical relaxation, nature intercultural activities, guided tours, debates, among others. The expected impact on participants is to improve their skills and abilities, communication, cultural and intercultural, social level. They will gain in self-esteem, security and initiative. Also, they will improve and become aware of the benefits that involves practicing a healthy lifestyle, regular physical activity, food care, the damage they cause consumption of harmful substances like alcohol or snuff, etc. In addition, we intend to increase their sense of belonging to Europe and to better understand the function and meaning of it. In relation to the host community, we expect to have a great impact, because it is a very small village. We expect that this exchange dowry to this village of more dynamics, with the young people in the streets. We believe that local youth will also have the opportunity to meet other young people from different cultures and places, which in turn, it will result in them in new concerns and curiosities. With this activity and the diffusion of it, we hope to reach to more young people, that they can know our organization and resources that we offer, available to them.

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