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Youth at gender equality
Start date: May 5, 2016, End date: Dec 4, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Equality between men and women is one of the fundamental pillars on which the EU is founded. It is a right and a prerequisite for the development of communities. However, discrimination and the practice of gender-based violence in its various expressions, are aspects that still exist in many societies around the world, and mainly affecting girls and young women more vulnerable.Achieving equality is an horizon that offers clear benefits to women but also to men. It is a global and inclusive shared project, of democratic citizenship, who are invited all people who understand that the principle of equality is a central tenet of any democratic space.Gender violence needs the support of the whole society to be eradicated. So, we should try to build an egalitarian society devoid of sexist attitudes and values, focusing especially on the young people, to thereby prevent future generations continue to build discriminatory realities.On the other hand, despite the increase policies and programs and methods of intervention aimed at prevention and awareness on equality, we can see in different studies, nationally and internationally, percentage of violence in young people has increased substantially in recent years. Teenagers tend to justify violence against women, have difficulty recognizing as abuse situations through which it is exercised and show greater rejection in the expression of emotions. Inequality is the breeding ground that allows and even tries to justify violence against women. Therefore, we must invest in relations transiting from evil to good treatment and not sustain inequality between the sexes.Based on these considerations and aware of importance of raising awareness of gender equality among young people, we have developed this proposal that we presented here. This is a project through which young participants try to reflect and become aware of the real situation in terms of equal opportunities and, in addition, we will provide them intended to prevent sexism and gender violence tools. Thus, the objectives that we pursue are:- Raise awareness and sensitize young people in the active fight against gender violence.- Facilitating the adoption of preventive measures aimed at eliminating or reducing inequalities.- To help participants identify the forms that violence in relationships between young people and promote the posturing of rejection and denunciation against it.- Facilitate the exchange, dialogue and productive discussion among participants, in an environment that they will perceived safe.- Promote recognition of the value of the difference and the enrichment factor posed by the coexistence of different cultures and abilities.In this project we will include 35 participants from Italy, Austria, Spain, Italy and Hungary, aged between 14 and 17 years. Mainly, participants will be those young people who have not had any experience or previous contact with European character, who have poor financial resources and who present educational difficulties and / or problems of different kinds in their home environment. Also, we will take into account risk factors related to the priority theme of this proposal.The proposal includes discovery activities, role playing, dynamics, intercultural type activities, etc. The main focus of the activity will be the equality workshops where the main contents are the centre theme of this exchange.The expected impact on participants is to improve their skills and abilities, to, communicative, social cultural and intercultural level. They gain in self-esteem, security and initiative. Acquire skills to resolve conflicts peacefully, highlight equally male and female values, detect and escape the stereotypes and prejudices that come imposed by society, who know the meaning of gender violence and all that that entails, the acquisition values of tolerance and respect for difference and diversity, among others.In relation to the host organization, the expected impact, it is that with the activity and its dissemination, we hope to reach more young people who know our organization and resources available to them and also to continue offering to our young different and new experiences and opportunities.
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