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Youth and Violence

Youth violence is a topic of actual importance. It is a problem that many different European countries have to face. Youth violence is a problem that confronts not only young people themselves but also their surroundings. Youth violence takes place in public space and society in general, citizens in general have to deal with it. It is a problem of parents, youth workers, inhabitants of municipalities, communities and basically of society in general. Therefore we consider it as important to focus on this target group and deal with the problem from the perspective of general adult education. In Austria violence among youngsters and young adults increased about 15.3 percent from 2006 to 2007. Compared to 2001 youth violence even shows a plus of more than 50 percent. The forms of youth violence ranges from misdemeanour to serious delicts. We cannot deny an increasing problem with alcohol or other drugs among young people. Another important aspect is forms of racism against immigrants and other cultures. The learning partnership aims to identify different forms of violence, its causes and especially how the public handles these problems. Furthermore the partnership aims to find preventive measures to be carried out by the target group, people and organisations that have contact or even influence on young people. Good practice collections from different European countries and bilateral visits shall make an active exchange possible hence all participants can benefit from each other’s experiences.

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