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Youth and ICT

It was the goal of the project to connect methods of modern communication with topics that are interesting to young people today. The use of forums, blogs, instant messaging programs such as ICQ and web-based social networks (facebook, SchülerVZ, etc.) are central to most pupils' everyday life nowadays even if it only serves the presentation of their personality (rather than anything else). As a result it came to be the basic idea of this project to connect these interests with topics that are relevant to everyday life at school and which above all further communication between various European countries and cultures and which enhance the serious exposure to modern media.Topics such as fashion (broken apart into two years (fashion of the future/ the past in the future; "Art/ Poetry and Painting", “European Cooking”) presentation of national dishes / cooking of other countries' specialty dishes), the drafting of various lifestyles as well as the creation of youth magazines had been projects that had been worked on during those two years. All project results were published on an internet site for that purpose: . Competitions were held within schools, for example involving, for example, the best costumes or the most popular recipes.Above and beyond these activities pupils were given the opportunity to exchange news or to make further inquiries using a chat room. This is where some blogs started their existence, blogs which however are/were only accessible to a few with the exception of The results of the youth magazine were separately published, once again, on a site set up by the English partner school ( where you can also find all pupils' comments on the given assignments „I can`t live without technology“, „ If I had new shoes where would I go?“ Eight conferences indeed helped not only to do project work but ensuring that Europe came closer.

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