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Youth and community creative development (III)
Start date: Sep 1, 2011,

Youth and Community Creative Development (III) is a group EVS project developed in Palermo, Sicily wteh CE.S.I.E asthe hosting organisation. The volunteers will coinè from four countries - France, Spain, UK, Ukraine - thus ensuringcultural diversityThe project will be developed in two phases (4 volunteers for "each phase for 9 months each: total 8 volunteers ) andthere will be an overlapping moment in which the new volunteers take over from the old which means that animportant sharing of experiences and acquired knowledge and skills will occur.The project's activities focus on the following themes: intercultural dialogue, poverty and social exclusion,volunteering, active participation of youth and non-formal education. The activities include the participation in localactivities (intercultural ; childrens'; .centres, service centres for migrants, immigrant women's group, etc),international activities (YiA project development, participation in EU level activities and research, etc) and ICTactivities which is a transversal aspect linking the previous two aspects.The outputs will include the development of innovative and creative tools in order to promote communitydevelopment and integration, the personal and professional development of each volunteer, a stimulation of thenotions of active citizenship and participation at both local and EU levels, and the promotion of the YiA programmeand development of new partnerships.The volunteer will create an activity plan alongside his/her mentor and EVS coordinator which ensures that the activities in which s/he participates correspond with his/her interests, competences and with the learning objectives at the same time that respond to the needs of CE.S.I.E and its beneficiaries. The mentor and EVS cordinator will follow constantly the learning process of the volunteers who will be young people unemployed with a high motivation in order to help them to recognise the competences they are learning directing them in future employment prospects.The whole project is based on the notion of non-formal learning and active participation and learning.

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