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Archive of European Projects

Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 30 Sep 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The cooperation in the frame of European Voluntary Service among the associations involved in this project produced a new way of managing project together,between coordinating organisation (CESVOV) and hosting organisation (LA FINESTRA), also regarding the issues and the realisation of activities. the good results of the last two projects done together, that are still ongoing, both regarding the activities done and the learning outcomes of the volunteers ( for them we developed a special training courde on YOuthpass and mentoring done by the coordinating organisation), underlined the potentialities of our project in the frame of developmente of competences and increase of occupability. For this reason, the paid more attention to the issue of occupability and of recognition of compentences. in this project we have one coordining organisation (CESVOV), two sending organisations ( in.via e Semperavanti), one hosting organisation (la Finestra) and two volunteers. we will focu on: 1) inclusion and care: we promote special neeeds recognition ( people with physical or mental impairment), making effort to educate to give value and recognize abilities instead of deficiencies. 2) occupabillity, career advice and recognition of competences. Also thanks to the feedback we received by former evs volunteeer, hosted by CESVOV in the field of sociale services, and the positive impact on the working opportuities and professional choises od the volunteers, we trust thies project could be adeguate to enhance competences in those yougn people in need of carrer advice or in edd of reinforcing experience both internationally and interculturally. 3) European Citizenship: This project aims at widen the importance and meaning of being an European citizen, birnging this elements in the very part of each activities proposed.
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