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"Youth and Active Lifestyle in Europe"
Start date: Jul 1, 2009,

The Netherlands Institute of Sport and Physical Activity (NISB) aims to organize a seminar 'Youth and Active Lifestyle in Europe' in autumn 2009. The seminar is a continuation of the activities of Keyplayers. Keyplayers is a European network aiming at: More youth participation in sports in Europe. In this seminar we will focus on three subjects: sport and health, sport and day arrangements, sport in leisure time (after school). The red line at the seminar will be the active youth participation in sports. To reduce overweight and obesity among young people and the improvement of their active lifestyle are main subjects in Europe. A lot of youngsters do not reach the minimum standard of daily activity (60 minutes a day). Besides the health problem we try to reduce problems with youngsters in the neighborhood and give inhabitants a feeling of safety in their environment Sport and physical activity give answers to the existing problems and give youngsters a good alternative to spend their leisure time. The earlier young people get used to an active lifestyle the better. To make sport and physical activity attractive to young people it is important to involve them as much as possible. Active youth participation in sport; a stronger cooperation between school, welfare, health and sport organizations; community schools with sports in their program in leisure time after school; sport in the day arrangements of youngsters are answers to these problems. Sport and physical activity are both the aim and the method: the aim to live a healthy life and a method to realize youth participation and activate youngsters. The end target group is the inactive youngsters. How come they don't sport that much? How can we make physical activity and an active lifestyle even more attractive to the ones who don't like sports? And what can other young people do to stimulate them to get active.The participants of the seminar will be categorized in three groups: youngsters between 15-25 years old, youth workers and people of regional or national sport organizations. The youngsters are going to give feedback on the national plans the organizations have and during the seminar we will change roles between youngsters, youth workers and contact persons. At the end of the seminar we will have more answers to get youngsters and especially the inactive ones more active.
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