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Your Space!
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Dec 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project called „Your Space!” is and EVS project organised by „The House of Children and Youth of the Capital Prague“ in the Czech Republic and is planned for three volunteers with fewer opportunities, one coming from England, one from Bulgaria and one from Slovakia. The project is sequel of previous EVS projects carried out in the organisation and it uses experience of organisation in working with young people with fewer opportunities.Volunteers, who will work in our organisation during the period of 12 months from October 2016 til the end of September 2017 , are expected to be a part of everyday-life in our organisation, to help us in the regular courses and fee-time activities we run, as well as with organising occasional events and assisting in pre-school centres and summer camps.Each volunteer will work in different departments and will be given specific work which corresponds to his/her preferences and professional ambitions during his/her one-year stay in The Czech Republic. These three departments are Station of scientists (a free time center specialised in animal care and gardening), Station of technicians (a free time center specialised in technical disciplines, art and dance) and Karlin Spectre (a free time centre specialised in music, theatre and art activities).Methods of non-formal education will be used during the project (mainly self-reflection and evaluation). The project´s main goal is to help 3 young people with fewer possibilities get new life experience, develop their skills and competencies and gain independence. From long-term point of view, the participants themselves are the target group who will benefit from the project most.Beside that, the project will have impact also on employees of our organisation who will cooperate with volunteers and also clients who will meet them during their regular or occasional acitivities.Partner organisations which both have experience with working with young people with fewer opportnities will also be actively involved in the project. Their role will be an intense support of the volunteer before EVS, his/her monitoring during EVS and involving volunteer into the life of local community after finishing EVS. Networking of partner organistions and deepening their cooperation are part of the goals of the project as well as development of young people with fewer opportunities.
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