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Start date: 01 Sep 2012,

YEYO is an EVS project with 2 volunteers with activities lasting 12 months. The project will take place at ECAS – Brussels-based European NGO but will have a Europe-wide outreach, as it will focus on innovative projects, such as the European Civil Society House, a virtual and physical house, bridging the gap between the EU Institutions and the citizens, promoting the use of the European Citizens' Initiatives, civil society development in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe and Turkey, and on ECAS communication activities. The volunteers will be involved in and trained on the whole range of activities run by ECAS: writing articles for the newsletter, editing websites, applying the Web tools (blogs, forums, wikis, the ECSH Ning profile), organizing conferences and events, finding and contacting partners, etc. The main theme of the project is European Youth Perspectives on European Citizenship, Communicating Europe and Professional Development Opportunities for Youth, complemented by ECAS “core” themes: European active citizenship, youth policies and opportunities in Europe for young people, participatory democracy, European communication policy, civil society development, e-democracy, etc. The first volunteer will mainly assist in the communication activities carried out by ECAS in the scope of the ECSH project, including helping with the creation of a new website and maintaining the current one, assisting in developing the youth sections of the website, in moderation of ECAS' social networking profiles.The second volunteer will be involved in information and capacity building activities in the representation office in Brussels of the NFCSD/IMPACT Center by helping to keep the communication with the partners in Western Balkans, preparing promotional materials for this project, coordinating an internship program targeting the Croatian CSO Representatives and other activities aimed at preparing the civil society in Croatia to join the EU.
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