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Your Chance in Europe

Three schools of smaller towns in Germany, Spain and Sweden worked on the Comenius project "Your Chance in Europe" between 2009-11. The aim of the project was to provide students with an extensive insight into the European working environment, the regional different focuses in handicrafts and industry, the development and changes in individual professions, as well as the possibilities that have arisen from the liberalization of the labour market.One of the main focus was to compare the professional possibilities of students in the individual countries. They should be able to get vocational advice and orientation on the labour market inside and outside their home country. Also students should get the possibility to learn from experiences on different levels as they get to know European working conditions in comparative studies. A questionnaire filled in by .... students of all three countries showed and compared their job perspectives, attitudes towards learning and plans for the future. After participating in the project they should be aware of the fact that the challenges and demands of globalization can only be dealt with by life-long learning. Of course, this aim is hard to evaluate, nevertheless the results of the questionning showed the students' awareness of this necessity.A further original aim of the cooperation during the project was to give some students, especially those with a migrant heritage, the chance to do a period of practical instruction in one of the partner countries. This was supposed to be especially interesting for students with migrant heritage who could use the knowledge of their mother tongue to do such a training in their parents’ or grandparents’ home countries. As we did not have any students with migrant hertitage in the finally for the project accepted countries, we changed that to company visits for students during the Comenius meetings. They, afterwards, had to present the companies and the experience gained.

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