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Young women facing the society
Start date: Jul 31, 2015, End date: Mar 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Young women facing the society" is an exchange project of young women that is carried out by the partner organizations bapob e.V., Sürekli Gelişim Merkezi Gençlik Derneği and Association Graine de Paix. It promotes the debate about womens role and the different perception of women in society from an Algerian, German and Turkish perspective. We put an emphasis on discussions and reflections about the gender topic and we want to give a way to alternatives and to provide relevant options of actions for the participating young women. Within three weeks over a period of 18 months 24 young women - aged from 15 to 18 years - coming from Germany, Algeria and Turkey will meet in Berlin, Izmir and Oran. On that project the young women will explore the life in culturally distinctive countries and they will exchange about experiences in hard situations and challenging difficulties in its lifes. Sexistic stereotypes will be scrutinized and we try to get to the bottom of multiplex discriminations in families, in school, at work and try to exhaustively analize its political impact. During their journey the participants will broaden its personal options of action and they can discover new perspectives for its life and future. A main target is to explore ways of action beyond the family and develop and implement own ideas. Further we want to present the results of the exchange in the public space on a local level in order to spread it into our networks and into the networks of youth in action. The participants have different backrounds but all they have in common that they have fewer opportunities and they have never been abroad (a part from visting its family abroad for some german participants). The reasons might be culturally, socially or geographically. Thereby we follow our conviction that everybody needs a opportunity to take part in exchanges across social and international borders we claim any language knowledge because our experienced translators of the bapob e.V. , the Association Graine de Paix and Sürekli Gelişim Merkezi Gençlik Derneği provide continuously translations into all spoken languages. Through this project we plan to held three advanced planned visits and evaluation meetings to assure the continuity and the quality of our project.

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