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Young Template of Peace: The Human Rain Forest
Start date: May 15, 2016, End date: Sep 14, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Human Rain Forest (HRF) Y-top (Young Template of Peace) camp is a 12 day gathering in Killarney, Ireland of formal and informal international youth organisations. This is a new country for the Y-top to be and we are delighted to be partnering with new friends in Ireland for the first time. The HRF project title comes from the theme of the gathering which is to create a human ecology inspired by the Rain Forest (RF) ecologies of the planet. RFs absolutely teem with a huge diversity of fauna and flora life all of which have incredible connections to each other. Life in the RF is very specialised, some species evolve to eat only from one vine, or to pollinate only one type of plant, or to be the planter of one kind of seed. The RF depends upon these connections all working together in mysterious ways. Altogether these connections sustain the incredible eco system that RF are and the wider function they play on behalf of the planet and all who live here. What can a HRF eco system do for those who live in it and also the wider human world?Can this gathering create an ecology in which the participants find their own unique source of nourishment, where they find the ways to pollinate their individual growth and development, where they can become planters of new seeds for the future of humanity?We will be working with the following objectives:1.To find and discover within what the next stage of growth is in each person’s life and what nutrients are needed to support that within the Human Rain Forest.2.To find ways of providing those nutrients one to another and by enrichment of the ecology for the benefit of all people who are within the Human Rain Forest of this gathering and also beyond it.3.To create opportunities for the Human Rain Forest to express itself through all manner of skills and importance’s of innovation and intelligent possibility with artistic and theatrical events where the human essence can be expressed.In addition to these objectives there will also be a focus on discovering Ireland and what is unique about this special land and the people who live there. A further focus will be on the diversity of trees and plants we will be surrounded by and discovering the functions they fulfil and the connections they make in the natural worlds of Ireland.One methodology will be to spend lots of time in the stunning location of natural beauty we will be staying in. Our base, Killarney Youth hostel is surrounded by the Killarney National Park which is itself protected and revered by many as The Western Atlantic RF. This will assist in the slowing down necessary to tune in to the inner nudges life gives us. This process will also be assisted by the good housekeeping life of the camp with all participants assisting in everything that is needed to keep our ecology clean, to keep us well fed and hydrated and well rested thus eliminating stress or mess which can prevent inner quiet and thus the ability to listen internally. The emphasis with all the domestic works we will do together is to ensure the youth develop the skills to do the necessary maintenance tasks of adult life thus being able to move into the responsibilities of adult life with ease and less internal noise thus aiding self-awareness. Another methodology will be new experience leading to new self-realisation about what one is capable of,how being oneself can affect others, how good it feels to do things on behalf of others, how in working with others amazing beyond imagining things can be achieved.The HRF Y-top gathering will be hosting 90 + people and will,in addition to the youth coming with our Irish partners, be inviting local Irish youth to join some days of the process, we will initially meet these young people during the APV. Most of the young participants will be aged between 14 and 20 years,there will also be a few in the age group 20–30 and at least 15 adults between the ages of 30–67 years.The funding being asked for is for 60 of the young people and 15 of the adults. In addition to participants coming from the partner countries there will be representatives from Czechoslovakia, France, Belgium, Cyprus, Canada and America.The results and impact envisaged are quite possibly limitless. This camp will be unique in a unique time in a unique place with 90+ unique individuals. It will come together with good planning, good standards, good willingness, good human decency and we envisage it will germinate seeds of new growth in everyone involved in it. One of the days of the camp is dedicated to long lasting projects in which new project(s) will begin which participants will have the opportunity to continue with after the camp. We envisage the project(s) will sustain as they will be fuelled from the strength of each person’s will and passion to create a better future for humanity and from the ability of the HRF to have the diversity of skills and talents to continue to give the projects whatever they need however big they grow.

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