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Young Template of Peace: Now the doing... doing and learning together for self, for the place and for the future
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This summer?s ?Now the doing... doing and learning together for self, for the place and for the future? Y-Top Gathering from July 28th to August 8th 2015 is a 12 day gathering of 7 formal and informal international youth organisations hosted by the Netherlands. The Y-Top is a gathering that focusses on the training and networking of young people in Europe and across the world. The centre of gravity of ?Now the doing...? is themed around doing and learning first towards oneself, then outward within the group, a place or country, and then into the unknown (but surely coming) future. Providing the necessary skills, mind-sets, training and experience that being both a young person and a country youth guide need to be able to do. We will be working on the following objectives: In the area of self- improvement, self discovery and development. 1) To get to know yourself better. What am I and what can I do? Learn about expressing oneself, inner balances, learning about other cultures, the EU and world, responding to gentle challenges. Increasingly taking on responsibilities in safe areas and improve independency for every age according to the age possibility of the person. 2) Acquire more and better skills needed in life. How to live life as a responsible adult, self leadership skills. Activities such as the young people cooking their own meals, cleaning the camp area, or any place we visit, learning to share your room with more people, self-hygiene, helping the camp logistics, transportation, content and more. This will develop respect for standards, for other people and nature, and taking responsibility within the Y-Top in which everyone has a role and part. In the area of giving back, making the world a better place. 3) To discover the importance volunteering work, of service to the community and the country which each Young Person is from. To do a project in The Netherlands for a Dutch community or target group, to show appreciation and thankfulness to the host country. Before the start of the camp the organising and planning youth team will be researching and finding out the needs in the country and get together to find way to give help and support. 4) To work together on the core motives and principles relating to creating safe humanitarian platforms in guiding youth and youth work and international cooperation. This relates to the further development of the Y-TOP as an international youth network in many countries in the world. In the area of doing and learning together for the future. 5) Preparing for the future, what do you need for that? Learning to deal with fears, such as the fear of the unknown, dealing with setback and insecurity, being flexible in a changing world, being open to new (not yet existing) jobs. 6) Trend watching, researching what is coming from the future. Seeking different expressions and descriptions of what the future might be like (language, art, design, new learning). Developing the sensitivity to recognize and appreciate new knowledge. What will be the tools for humans to deal, translate, workout together importances and standards for society, humanity, the ecology. All in experimenting ways with much fun, open mind and lots of creativity and good standards. The ?Now the doing..." Y-Top gathering in the Netherlands hosted 110 people, consisting out of 60 between 14 and 20 years, about 30 between 21 and 25 years and 20 adults. The youngsters betweeen 14 and 20 years will be in the flow of it happening, the older youth (21-25) have generally been to quite a few Y-top camps and are now in training to take on the baton, the overall cover will be given by the adults, who's task is shifting from doing the Y-top camp towards the guiding of the young adults taking that on. The subsidy is asked for 60 of the youngsters and 15 of the adults. The participants come from all over the world, it is made up of young people, Youth Guides, Trainers, Lecturers. Invited by both affiliated and non-affiliated youth organisations, attendees come from countries such as; Denmark, England, the Netherlands, Wales, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Cypres, Belgium, France, Sweden, Israel and the USA. The age of the teenagers, young adults and the adult team leaders range from 14 years upwards to 67 years. This ninth camp was a culmination of experiences from the 8 previous camps and all the work in the domain of the Y-top over the years. From the older youth came the request to take the matter in their own hands and put what they have learned and experienced into practice, hence the title 'Now the doing..." This program has been put together in close cooperation with the young people. In the many conversations it became clear that they want this camp to be useful not only for themselves personally but also to give service to the country that is hosting them and making the world a better place for their and our future.

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