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"Young Reporters in Action"
Start date: Aug 1, 2012,

In the modern world the media plays a significant role. It shapes and makes opinions and it is a powerful tool to shape the reality of the world. The role of the media in any society can be both negative and positive, but the society should also know how to perceive media. Civic Forum together with its partners came up with an idea of a youth exchange which will give 48 ((5+1)x8) young people from 4 program (Estonia, Malta, Italy,Portugal) and 4 partner (Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova) countries an opportunity to get together and talk about their view on media, about the role that media plays in their life and get an opportunity to “play” media to understand how objective or how bias topics related to Human rights, civic liberties and issues concerning youth are covered in the media. The participants of this exchange will have an opportunity to put themselves in shoes of an editor, reporter, publisher, media owner, etc. The results of their work will be put on a live blog and an magazine. We will use different methods of non formal education to achieve the objectives of our exchange which are: >To make sure that the actual exchange of ideas, experiences and realities took place among participants of the exchange>To stimulate the dialogue among participants about issues of common interest: human rights, cultural integration, mutual respect and understanding, access to education, civic liberties, etc. >To support the development of their common European identity.>To understand clearly the role of media in today’s world>To encourage critical thinking towards media products>To have a strong local impact by involving young people from the local neighborhood >To encourage their active participation in decision making and shaping processes > To develop their traditional and nontraditional media skills The Exchange will last 9 days plus 1 travel day and is planned to take place in Dilijan, Armenia from 8-17 Sept. , 2012. Hosted by Civic Forum.
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