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Young people choose!
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Jul 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

It is well known that the socio - economic development of the country depends on the political activity of citizens at both the national and local levels. Especially alarming low level of legal culture and civic engagement of the young generation. The problem of youth participation in elections is today one of the most important. This age group of people is the most socially active part of the population. It inherits the degree of development of society, forms an image of the future, and so the issues of youth participation in the electoral process are becoming more important today. But whether they will be ready to go to the polls? Whether they will go to vote? Whether they are aware of their role in the adoption of a decision? "Young People Choose" is a youth exchange that will take place in Estonia in April 2015. The YE activity will last for 8 days. 24 participants 16-24 years old will come together from 3 EU ountries. The project aims are 1 formation and maintenance of positive motivation to participate in elections among young people aged 17-24, the spread of European values; 2 in terms of intercultural communication to develop mechanisms of youth participation in civil society both at the local, national and European levels, as well as tools promoting electoral participation of young people; 3 to promote intercultural dialogue, through the use of non-formal education; 4 to stimulate interest and participation to the values of Europe and opportunities for self-realization and education provided by the updated program Erasmus +; 5 to support for cooperation in the youth field in Europe. For participants is given the opportunity to meet in an informal environment with the features and characteristics of civil society represented in the project countries, to form their understanding of the concept of "European citizenship", to share this with the indirect audience in their country. So, the path to a unified system of values that characterize European society and European citizens. As the project focuses on the development of intercultural understanding according to European trend, it promotes dialogue between young people come from different countries and from different cultural backgrounds, their cooperation in finding common values, ideals, aspirations, and similarity. Just Youth Exchange gives you the opportunity for young people to form an understanding of the important foundations of European policy as cultural diversity and sense of community. Involvement of young people with fewer opportunities from participating countries, as well as providing a platform for them to conduct equal dialogue and free expression in favorable conditions in practice shows the relationship of the project with the values of Europe.

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